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CrossFit for Kids Pumps Up Youngsters at New Gym

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CrossFit for Kids

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A fitness opening to look forward to!

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Dave Lipson Again Faster Video with Cami at EVF for CF Main Page

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Watch fitness model Lauren Berlingeri compete against CrossFit competitor Jenn Hunter-Marshall at EVF Performance in Woman Versus Workout Episode 3

The perfect push-up: Your guide to getting there

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Client Testimonials and Blogger Reviews

“In July 2012, I took the Free Intro Class at EVF on the Upper East Side.

I was almost dead. A couple of days later, I was back for a CrossFit On-Ramp and somehow survived. I am one of the few “old-timers,” who know how it was in the beginning. I’m sure none of the coaches expected me to stay for a year. Well, I am still here thanks to the wonderful and skillfull coaches who are patient enough to train a totally non-typical CrossFitter who would never do RX, and those awesome 12:30 crew who cheer me up when (almost always) I am the last person to finish super modified WOD. This experienced has changed me – people used to always talk about how shy I was – now they can’t believe I was ever shy! Back when I cam, Eric told us he was building a community. I hope you will keep the sense of community (and my favorite coaches) for a long time. I appreciate and love EVF!”
– Juno

“I had a racquetball size brain tumor removed from my skull in November.

Then, four weeks out of surgery, I returned to EVF to start back on the road to full speed. 6 months later, I can’t believe how far I’ve come! I’ve never felt better and hate missing a WOD or a good run up the East River with the EVF team.”
– Dan

“EVF Performance is an awesome gym!

They have an extremely knowledgeable and personable staff. Their schedule is diverse, and exciting which makes for an A+ gym experience. Class sizes are monitored to make sure the level of instruction / supervision is perfect. The gym has a strong community feel to it, which is a welcome change from the big chain gyms. I highly recommend EVF Performance to anyone looking to increase overall functional fitness and have some fun a long the way.”
– Greg

“It took me 5 months to gather the courage to try CrossFit, and I couldn’t have chosen a better box to start.

After months of research there were some things I learned before my first class that, to be quite frank, terrified me: constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement; military-style metabolic conditioning and strength training, Olympic lifting as a girl among men, etc. Not only that, my personal trainer recommended AGAINST it – probably for selfish reasons. Like the masochist I’ve discovered myself to be, I decided to try a Free Intro class (they offer them twice per week) and was blown away by the friendly environment, knowledgeable coaches, professionalism, and fun atmosphere. Eric, the owner, helps to ease your fears while constantly pushing you, correcting form, etc. I couldn’t sit for 3 days after that Intro class… and I was hooked. EVF requires the 2-week On-Ramp program for newbies that need to learn the ropes. Leave your ego at the door. Even if you’re a life-long athlete, the On-Ramp is required (and quite useful!). I “graduated” from my On-Ramp in August and have been CrossFitting 5x/week since then and I could not be happier.” Read more
– Stephanie

“In this ever-expanding world of CrossFit, it’s pretty easy to find “coaches” who pass a weekend course and all of a sudden think they know what movements are safe and technically sound for all CrossFitters.

Fortunately there are still coaches like Jim Loperfido that understand the importance of technique as a means to getting stronger, faster, more efficient, and yeah, maybe even slimmer and better looking. Having dropped-in to more than a dozen boxes in different countries around the world, I truly appreciate passion and expertise when I see it.’ Read more
– Burner6627 @ Rate Your Burn

James Quigley is highly motivating and positive – he’s great to work with and is a true professional:
  • Class was well-conceived and organized with a combination of cardio, strength, agility, balance, etc. rolled into one hour.
  • Class starts on time and James commands the audience. Some outdoor bootcamps seem too casual when it comes to start time, listening to instructions, etc. It may have something to do with the distractions of being in a public place, of being with friends on a weekend morning, or being in a “vacation” locale. Not the case with James. While he was open and friendly, he was also all business and kept us on track.
  • James was able to manage a full range of athletes from experienced to weekend warriors. Each circuit and exercise was demonstrated by James, practiced by each of us, and corrected if required. These few minutes of instruction and practice made all the difference in efficiency once the real workout started – I actually wish more instructors would do this as no one wants to admit they don’t know what a “wall ball” is.
  • Great energy and encouragement. For novices, he provided a ton of guidance and hands-on form correction. On the flip-side, he pushed experienced athletes to “lead from the front”. Everyone felt included and had their own version of a great workout. James knows his stuff, is a stickler for form, and has a cue for you to make you perform better whether you are a newbie or an expert.”

Read more

– yogagirl @ Rate Your Burn