Our Approach

The EVF Approach by Owner and Founder, Eric Von Frohlich

We believe in strength and conditioning.

We believe that fitness creates opportunity and freedom.

That what we learn in life applies to the gym and what we learn in the gym we apply to life.

Truth is universal. We believe that fitness teaches us about ourselves. That Action displaces fear. That health is a lifelong journey. That how we handle things that are small, will show how we handle them when they are large. We believe that strength is mental, physical, and spiritual. That through training we learn perseverance, dedication, courage, and sacrifice.

We believe in the empirical. We lead by example. That one may teach but two should learn. We believe silence is more powerful than a scream. That too much instruction is as bad as too little. That each movement creates conditions for the next.

We believe that today I can be better than yesterday. That everyone starts somewhere. Today is always day 1. That inspiration can come from anywhere. That the hardest rep is sometimes the first rep.

Strength comes from effort. That we deserve only what we earn. That life is easier when we are strong. Strength is a habit. From our strength we have capacity to take care of others.

We believe in training with our friends. That strangers are simply friends we haven’t met yet.

Gratitude is a choice. We believe that the greatest strength comes when we lift each other up, when we overcome our limitations and fears and say “let me try again”.

We believe in being strong.