January Upper East Side Athlete of the Month

We’re happy to announce our Upper East Side Athlete of the Month for January: Dan Strader!

Dan, an EVF member since September 2012, has been an integral part of our community since the beginning. He’s the first to cheer on his fellow athletes in class, and inspires other EVF-ers to push themselves even harder.

Mont Tremblant Ironman Handstand

How/when did you get involved in CrossFit?
I was involved with CrossFit-style workouts for a while with my tri club, and when EVF opened I wanted to expand this style of training. I work from home from time to time and started attending the 12:30 class. It was me, Juno and Jay. Matt was a killer coach and taught me Batman is real. Very quickly 12:30 became the place to be.

Do you remember your first workout? How was it?
I do not remember the exact workout, but I do remember thinking “… what the hell?”

What were your goals when you first started? How have they changed?
When I first began CrossFit, I really didn’t have a particular “goal” in mind. I was training for races with my team and thought adding CrossFit was a great way of expanding my strength. I was hooked from day one. Today my goal is to continue to improve and increase my strength.

Dan and Rob - Jan 2014

How have you grown in that time — health, body, mind, etc.?
I have grown both physically and emotionally. Physically, my racing has improved ten fold due to this style of training. One of the biggest aspects of my time at EVF has been the outpouring of support for “RUN FOR ROB.” The gym community bent over backwards to participate, support, and promote the Burpee Challenge. You couldn’t have asked for anything more from friends. I can’t wait for this year’s Burpee Challenge. Be ready people!

What do you enjoy most about CrossFit?
The training is great and the advances I have made physically are icing on the cake (had to make a sugar reference, ha), but what is most enjoyable are the friendships I have made. You cannot put into words how it feels to workout with friends who care about you and push you through each and every day — both in the gym and out.

Mayhem at the Medowlands

Favorite lift and WOD?
12 Days of Christmas is the absolute best … but only when done in July for fun.

What about your least favorite?
Thrusters. Fran can suck it!

What motivates you?
The people around me. There are many gyms in this town, but when you find a community such as this you simply want to be with your friends. Plus, when you achieve a movement, you want to keep increasing the weight and prove to yourself you can go heavier.

Spartan 2014

Do you have any advice for new members?
HAVE FUN! Yes there are crazy ones at the gym who will intimidate the hell out of you … Jay, Lindsey, Eric G, Gerson (ha). You simply do what you can, watch those crazies and have fun. You WILL get better.

What do you hope to achieve in the coming year?
Continue to increase my weight, little by little, till I can be RX on all the WODs.

12 30 Gang

December Westside Athlete Spotlight of the Month

We are very excited to announce December’s Westside Athlete Spotlight of the month is……

Jenny Harris!


How/when did you get involved in CrossFit?
I did my first 360 class in February and my first CrossFit class in May 2014.

Do you remember your first workout? How was it?
I don’t remember the specifics but I do remember that, like every other workout, it was WAY harder than it looked in writing.

What were your goals when you first started? How have they changed?
When I first started I had a very general goal: to be in better shape. Now my goals are a little more specific. For the months of May through October I had the same answer anytime the question of the day was “What is your goal for the end of the month?” Answer: “To be able to do one strict pull-up” I finally got one at the end of October. I am still working on a lot of skills so I have a lot of goals but my top two 2015 goals are 1. to be able to do a handstand walk and 2. clean and jerk my bodyweight.

How have you grown in that time — health, body, mind, etc.?
I have made more strength gains in the past 8 months at CrossFit than the past 8 years of doing my own lifting/cardio workouts. That has been a big boost to my confidence. Aaaannnnddd I am going to be cliché here and also say my piece about body image. I love not caring about being skinny or my pant size — it is such a relief. 🙂

compjenny - Copy

What do you enjoy most about CrossFit?
CrossFit is so. Much. Fun. This is because of the people. The coaches are personable, funny, knowledgeable and do a great job motivating the class. My classmates are awesome, too. I love being able to workout with friends and meet new people with similar interests. I also really enjoy the variety of it. I would be perfectly happy to never do a repeat workout for the rest of my life.

Favorite lift and WOD?
Back squat. Filthy Fifty.

What about your least favorite?
Snatch. Nancy.

What motivates you?
I know this will not always be the case, but since I am still a newbie I see a PR in something almost every week.

Do you have any advice for new members?
Don’t be shy! I was really timid my first couple of weeks because I thought everyone was going to be so experienced in CrossFit. Every member I meet is awesome. You will want to meet them!

What do you hope to achieve in the coming year?
See 2015 goals above :)​

ccgirlsjenny - Copy

December Eastside Athlete Spotlight of the Month

We are very proud to announce December’s Eastside athlete spotlight is…

Kristin Luther!

We caught up with everyone’s favorite mama-to-be EVF member to talk about her CrossFit journey.


How/when did you get involved in CrossFit? What has motivated you to stick with it?
My husband Dave had already joined his CrossFit gym and had a feeling I would really like it. I used to lift in college when I cheered and enjoyed testing my strength. So once I saw what CrossFit entailed, and Dave told me about EVF (which was down the block from where we lived at the time — killer commute means no excuses to not go!) I had to join. I stay because I love seeing how far I can push myself mentally and physically. I also feel like I am part of a team again, which you don’t find at a gym filled with treadmills, elliptical machines and free weights.

What do you enjoy most about being a member at EVF?
This list may get too long since I am not a woman of few words: I love the PEOPLE. I have made some incredible friends. Seeing how strong I am, how supportive everyone is, the belly rubs I am currently getting, PRs, friendly competitions … Have I mentioned the friends? I love how the members at EVF come from all walks of life, yet we can come together for a common goal/exercise/workout and that bonds us. It doesn’t matter where you are from, how old you are, what you do. If you love CrossFit, then that is the beginning of this beautiful dance of friendship. Then it turns into WODing then wine, and really, what a great combination.

Do you remember your first workout? Looking back how did it go?
My first workout was actually out in Colorado while we were away for a wedding. It was Diane. Oh man. I think I deadlifted about 65 pounds and obviously modified the handstand push-ups. But what I remember is Dave and I weren’t even members at this gym, we knew no one, and yet everyone was cheering me on to finish strong and IT WAS TOUGH! I needed a nap (that has not changed in the last 18 months of being a member, FYI) but was on such a high from completing something I thought was impossible at the time, and the support from strangers was cool.

What were your goals when you first started? How have they changed?
Honestly, my goals when I first started were to just have something exercise-related that I could share with my husband so we could talk about our WODs daily and have something we both did “together” finally. So if I made it to the gym 3 to 4 times a week, I felt successful in that. Now I look forward to PRs, faster times and competitions. I really like testing myself. When I go in and see a WOD and think “Oh jeez, this is gonna suck,” then I know I will push myself harder. Plus I have my own judge at home to talk me through how I could’ve improved.

My goals since becoming pregnant have changed, obviously. They were to be able to workout throughout my pregnancy and feel as good as I can while getting larger and larger and LARGER!


How have you grown in that time — health, body, mind, etc.?
I think that as a woman, I can be very critical of myself, figure, personality, etc. CrossFit really helped with all of that. I definitely adopted a strut around my apartment the more fit I got. I felt better about myself more often than I didn’t. I became way less critical of myself. How can I criticize my body or health when I had just deadlifted my body weight? Or finally FINALLY got double unders? Crossfit helped me become proud of what my short 5’0” body could do. I am a strong woman! I no longer would look in the mirror and focus on what I needed to change, but now I look at myself and flex my biceps a few times because I am one happy lady with where I am headed.

Also, it has really helped Dave and I get closer. After 18 years together, it is a wonderful thing to discover something new and exciting together that we like doing separately and together at times. Also, I don’t diet, simply because the minute I restrict food from my mind, then it is all I can think about. With CrossFit, because it has made me feel better about myself, I have found that more often than not, I choose healthier options to eat that give me a better performance at the gym and a better outlook on myself and the day in general. And when I don’t and go check out Wild Wing Wednesdays at Dylan Murphy’s on the UES, I don’t feel quite as bad about it because tomorrow most likely I will be rowing or push pressing or box jumping some of it off at the gym.

Favorite lift and WOD?
My favorite lift is deadlifts. Hands down. My stubby legs can really deadlift a lot! And in case you can’t tell, I am pretty proud of that.

Favorite WOD … Honestly not sure I have one. As I improve on a movement, I enjoy a WOD more. For example, when I could finally do some pull-ups, I really enjoyed any WOD that had them because I could actually string some pull-ups together! Even if I could only do half the amount and switch to scaling, I still felt a small victory. Or when I could do DUs, I enjoyed that WOD because yippee! I didn’t have to do 3-to-1 in singles! Basically I am easy to please.

Oh. And Tabata! I LOVE LOVE a Tabata workout.


Least favorite movement and workout?
Well, I won’t say burpees because they do suck, and that’s an obvious choice. I do not like overhead squats. At all. I find them uncomfortable and cannot seem to improve on them. If I walked into the gym one day and the WOD was running, burpees and OHS I may cry. That’s how unhappy it would make me.

What drives you through the door each day?
Depends on the day. Sometimes it is seeing my friends at the 12:30 class. That is the class that started my obsession with EVF and continues to foster it. Sometimes it is the WOD. It really all depends! Right now it is to give me something active to do before this baby makes her appearance!

Do you have any advice for new members?
Have fun with it. Don’t psyche yourself out before you even start the workout. I used to do that my first 6 months, and it puts a damper on your mentality to even complete the workout. Have fun and enjoy the people; they really help make EVF the place it is. Be open to learning new things. We aren’t the typical gym where people show up, sweat a TON and go about their day. We want to embrace you, cheer you on, support you and push you. And also, we want to go have a margarita with you outside of the gym.

What do you hope to achieve in the coming year?
As I sit on my couch answering this question, I look down at my very round 9-month pregnant belly and the easy answer would be I want my body back. But in reality, in 2015 I want to up my PRs (it has been a sad 9 months of scaling back weights) and compete in a competition or 2, scaled division. I have been proud of what I have been able to do this year, but I want to go a step further.


November Westside Athlete Spotlight of the Month

We are very excited to announce November’s Westside Athlete Spotlight of the month is……

Brandon Frost!


Brandon has been a member of our Columbus Circle community since its inception.  He has always shown dedication and support for fellow athletes in the box as well as set a positive example for all.  After suffering a rough injury dislocating his shoulder and sidelining him for a couple months, he has come back with a vengeance.  The determination he exhibits after the injury is second to none and always stays to the end cheering on fellow athletes.  CFCC is lucky to have him! We caught up with Brandon to see what he had to say about his CrossFit journey.

How/when did you get involved in CrossFit? What has motivated you to stick with it?
I first saw the CrossFit games on ESPN about 2 years ago while I was channel surfing on a lazy Saturday. There was an ocean swim event and I thought to myself, “Those idiots don’t know how to swim.” I swam and played water polo in college so I was going hard on their technique until I realized they ran a mile, did 50 pull-ups, and a whole bunch of push ups and air squats. I swallowed my words and then thought, “This just got real.” I wanted to try CrossFit ever since that lazy Saturday.  I searched for a little over a year by dropping in on boxes, taking free intro classes, talking to coaches, etc. but none of them really had what I was looking for: personalized attention in small group classes. That’s where EVF came in, and thankfully Columbus Circle does not require me to take a train to work out.

I stick with CrossFit not just because I am crazy; rather, it’s something that I can do for myself. Being a high school teacher means I am always doing something for someone else, so CrossFit allows me to have that one hour out of every day where I push myself physically and mentally in a very different way.


What do you enjoy most about being a member at EVF?
First, I enjoy the personalized attention from the coaches and their motivating attitudes. I also enjoy the people I work out with as they hold me accountable for coming to the box and to complete every WOD with a goal in mind.

Do you remember your first workout? Looking back how did it go?
Can I count the mini-WOD at the end of my first On-Ramp as my first workout? It was the coldest day of January 2014 (it was 9 degrees outside … I clearly remember) and Travis made us complete a 15-minute AMRAP consisting of 200m run, 10 ring rows, and 10 wall balls. I considered myself a fairly athletic person but the freezing temperature coupled with those wall balls really got the best of me. But if that can’t be considered my first WOD, then a week after my On-Ramp I enrolled in my first CrossFit class and that day’s WOD was “Karen” (150 wallballs) … enough said.

What were your goals when you first started? How have they changed?
My first goal of CrossFit was to listen to my body. I did (and continue to do) my research on CrossFit, and in order for me to set realistic goals I need to understand what my body can do and what it needs to improve on. Now that I have been in CrossFit for almost a year now and I am continuously perfecting my lifting form, my goal is to do men’s RX at least twice a week by the end of 2015.


How have you grown in that time — health, body, mind, etc.?
I feel much more confident in how I workout and in how I carry myself on a daily basis. I have much more energy (mainly because I sleep a lot more) and I am more focused in my career.

Favorite lift and WOD?
I love cleans, handstand push-ups, and burpees … yup, I said it. BURPEES! My favorite WOD has to be “Mary” (20-minute AMRAP: 5 HSPU, 10 Pistols, 15 pull-ups).

Least favorite movement and workout?
Anything to do with squats. I do not like squats.

What drives you through the door each day?
What drives me to come to CrossFit is seeing the people that I normally workout with. They and the coaches push me mentally and physically to do things I never thought I could do. Not only that, but it’s November and I am already thinking about my summer beach body.

Do you have any advice for new members?
My advice is to stick with it, keep your chin up, and rely on our CrossFit family for support. There are few places in life where you find support and strength in people you are competing with and against. In addition, do not be discouraged if you finish last, or have to complete a WOD with just the bar since everyone starts somewhere and we were all in the same boat regardless of our previous athletic background.

What do you hope to achieve in the coming year?
I want to complete at least two WODs a week at men’s RX by the end of 2015.


brandon frost 3


We are very proud to announce November’s Eastside athlete spotlight is…

Kathryn Sorte!

Kathryn is an amazing athlete and awesome community member. In addition to being a bad-ass CrossFitter, she just completed the 2014 NYC marathon!!  We caught up with her to tell us about her CrossFit and EVF journey.

Kathryn Sorte1

How/when did you get involved in CrossFit? What has motivated you to stick with it?
I got involved almost 2 years ago. I always walked past EVF on my way to work and decided to sign up for a free intro class on a whim. I really had no idea what I was getting myself into. I had recently run the Chicago marathon and thought I was in pretty good shape. Famous last words because that class totally kicked my butt. There are a number of things that motivate me to keep coming back, but one in particular is how great it makes me feel both physically and mentally.

What do you enjoy most about being a member at EVF?
Definitely the people and the community. I’m sure you can achieve the same level of fitness from other types of gyms, but I think the EVF members, coaches, and community are unparalleled. From regular classes to post-WOD drinks and events like the CMC, I always have a good time.

Do you remember your first workout? Looking back how did it go?
It was a mix of wall balls, push-ups, and jumping pull-ups. I couldn’t do a push-up, could barely do the wall balls with an 8-pound ball, and was sore for days. It was in the free intro class, and I had gone for a long run before class because I figured it was “just” an intro class. Huge mistake — it took me almost 2 months to come back for on-ramp.

Kathryn Sorte2

What were your goals when you first started? How have they changed?
I had very few expectations of myself when I first started. I knew I wanted to build some strength but didn’t think much past that. Now, I actually care about my performance and not shortchanging myself when it comes to the workouts. I want to get stronger and faster and not settle for less than I know I can achieve.

How have you grown in that time — health, body, mind, etc.?
Obviously I’m much stronger physically. When I started I had no upper body strength as weight training for the most part was foreign to me. CrossFit has toughened me up mentally as well. I’m winding down training for the NYC marathon, and I know the mental toughness I’ve built through the hundreds of WODs I’ve finished has really driven me to push myself during my training in ways I hadn’t in the past. It’s really motivated me to “embrace the suck.”

Kathryn Sorte3

Favorite lift and WOD?
My favorite lift is definitely the hang power clean. Favorite WOD is DT.

Least favorite movement and workout?
Turkish get-ups are by far my least favorite movement. I despise them. Least favorite workout is anything with an obscene number of toes-to-bar.

What drives you through the door each day?
The people! And knowing that no matter how I feel walking in the door, I’ll feel infinitely better leaving.

Do you have any advice for new members?
Stick with it! It’s intimidating and overwhelming for most people at the beginning but if you stick with it you won’t regret it.

What do you hope to achieve in the coming year?
Pull-ups! And to improve on gymnastics in general.

Westside Athlete Spotlight of the month

We are very excited to announce this months Westside Athlete Spotlight of the month is……

Glenn Gans





We caught up to the action star himself and asked him a few questions about his journey at EVF CF

How/when did you get involved in CrossFit? What has motivated you to stick with it?
I have lifted weights since I was 16 years old. It was the only thing that allowed me to put on weight. After 21 years of the same routines, I was bored with traditional workouts. I started CrossFit at CrossFit Giant in Edgewater, followed by CrossFit Hell’s Kitchen and finally EVF Columbus Circle when it opened. Seeing my performance in skiing moguls, riding motocross or obstacle racing improve every year has motivated me to stick with it.


What do you enjoy most about being a member at EVF?
There is a great sense of community. The coaches and athletes really care.

Do you remember your first workout? Looking back how did it go?
It was not pretty. Although I had been lifting for years, I never practiced Olympic lifts and my first non on-ramp workout involved snatches.

What were your goals when you first started? How have they changed?
My goals at first were more generic to be a better athlete. I now have specific goals to squat, clean, and perform some benchmark workouts.


How have you grown in that time — health, body, mind, etc.?
Because I am plagued with the problem most people seem to want (I lose weight if I think about it) I have adopted a modified paleo diet, as I need the carbs. CrossFit workouts tire me out in ways a never thought possible, which also seem to release all the tension built up from life’s stresses.


Favorite lift and WOD?
Handstand push-ups and box jumps are my favorite exercises so any WOD that includes them.

Least favorite movement and workout?
Snatches are still a difficult movement for me, so Isabel.


What drives you through the door each day?
I want to be healthy and active and there for my kids 100%. I am blessed to have two girls that have already competed in three Spartan races, rock climb, hike, ski, ride quads, and they are only 4 and 6 years old.

Do you have any advice for new members?
Learn to love what you hate. Scale the exercises so you can keep a good pace and not get hurt.

What do you hope to achieve in the coming year?
I want to finish in the Spartan Beast World Championship in the top 10%. This year I hit the top 20%.



Awesome stuff Glenn! Now all you need is some real life pictures of you doing CrossFit 🙂

Glen is an avid out doors kind of guy. He is an impassioned Spartan racer and a hell of an athlete. It is why CF works best for his goals and his abilities. Glenn is an all around great guy. He is coachable, approachable and is entrenched with our new founding community here on the Westside.

We look forward to seeing him rock his goals of 10% but in our book, he is already a beast.



October Eastside Athlete Spotlight of the month

Hey folks,

My apologies for the delay. This months athlete spotlight was very special to me for a number of reasons. Seeing as this is my last one I had to make sure I gave it my best effort. The athlete chosen is also someone who I consider a brother. I really had trouble sitting down and writing this but here is my best shot. This months Athlete spotlight, I am very proud to announce is

Mike Taylor






We caught up with Mr Diesel himself and asked him a few questions about his EVF CF journey. Here is what he had to say in his own words

How/when did you get involved in CrossFit? What has motivated you to stick with it?

I got involved roughly 2 years ago. I was looking for something to fill the void of not playing football/track anymore in college. I was doing CrossFit workouts in a globo gym … It was the dumps! I came down to one workout, and Eric and I were battling max box jump heights. I was hooked. My motivation to continue has been my failures. Striving to just become a well-rounded athlete has pretty much consumed me.


What do you enjoy most about being a member at EVF?
Hands down, the people! I couldn’t imagine what my day or life would consist of without the coaches or members walking through the door every day. Performance class people, I seriously love you guys/gal. Literally my happy times in life are Tuesday and Thursday nights.



Do you remember your first workout? Looking back how did it go?
Can’t remember it exactly, but it was a chipper: KB swings, pull-ups and lots of running. I remember I convinced a few of the coaches to throw down with me. Went great, but I clearly remember tripping up the stairs habitually.


What were your goals when you first started? How have they changed?
First starting, I wanted to compete at the highest level. At this point in my life, I really just want to push myself and those around me to become the greatest versions of ourselves that we can become. I am happy with that. Wouldn’t mind a trip to regionals, though.



How have you grown in that time — health, body, mind, etc.?
I have definitely grown in strength and torn tons of jeans thanks to Coach Q and squatting. More importantly, I think I have grown tremendously in the mental aspect that CrossFit provides. Humility, acceptance of limitations (and how to destroy limitations), desire. I can’t tell you how being at EVF has saved me from despair and given me an outlet to grow as a human being for the better and become a happier person in general.


Favorite lift and WOD?
Tough one. It has to be a toss-up between Elizabeth, Fran and Jackie. Love me some pull-ups and can’t say no to hang cleans.

Least favorite movement and workout?
PISTOLS! I just don’t know what it is yet, but my body hasn’t grasped/accepted this whole concept.


What drives you through the door each day?
Complacency… I just refuse to live my life “just getting by.” I want to get better each and every single waking moment of my life. Days are too precious to me not to train; 24 hours in a day — find an hour and get lost in it slinging some weight.


Do you have any advice for new members?
Get comfortable with being uncomfortable, and the moment you compare your achievements to others you automatically have lost sight of your objectives. CrossFit is all encompassing. You will do movements and lifts you never done. It will humble you. Please know that, but also bask in the accomplishments and strides you make when you conquer one. Celebrate the shortcomings, long-comings, 2-pound PRs or even your first pull-up. Success is measured in how you handle disappointment, battle adversity and courageously ask for more.


What do you hope to achieve in the coming year?
To be a better Michael Taylor than I was last year, hang a bit more with you clowns outside of the box, 300+ lb. clean would be nice/200+ lb. snatch would be sexy, defend title of EVF most fittest, do better in the open and most importantly help out others more (in and outside of the box).





Great stuff Mike!

We are all very proud of Mike and what he has accomplished for himself as a man and as an athlete. I am one of mike’s biggest fans and am honored to call him a brother.

Mike is one of the most loyal and dedicated people you will ever find. There was a time when I was programming for the coaches and a few other athletes separately. After a few weeks it was questioned and most dropped off. Mike stayed the course with me. In fact, he yearned for more and more programming. He continued to get stronger, faster and improve with each workout. Obviously he came in with great natural athletic abilities but his work ethic and determination made the programming successful.

It also showed who he was as a person. He believed in me and knew I would always give him my best. That confidence that he had in me forced me to hang in there and get better as a coach and as a programmer. Till this day I will never forget that loyalty that he displayed.

I have no doubt in my mind that Mike has the abilities to achieve all of his goals that he sets out for himself. What I really look forward to is watching him realize that he can as well. When that happens, I promise you will see something very special and magical happen for this young man.

I think its fitting to end this with a quote from Arnold

“For me life is continuously being hungry. The meaning of life is NOT simply to exist, to survive, but to move ahead, to go up, to achieve and to conquer” -ARNOLD










Coach Spotlight: James Quigley

This month’s Coach’s Spotlight is……

Head Coach James Quigley

I did not interview myself, that would just be weird. Although I do talk to myself and the conversations are  UUUUHHHMAZING, we figured Allie would ask me a few questions. Here are my answers.



How did you get into CrossFit?
A few different paths led me to drink the Kool-Aid. I was in the fitness industry for more than 11 years before I discovered what CrossFit was. A few friends and colleagues were heavily into it and seeing the type of training I was already doing, it was a natural progression.

I was pretty curious but hesitant, then I went to see an all-female competition and was instantly hooked. I may have a slight thing for girls who lift heavy things fast. 🙂 I signed up at CrossFit Garden City and never looked back.




What can EVF members expect from you as a coach?
Consistency, patience and a whole lot of energy — hence my nickname “Rocket.”

Every time you come into my class, you can expect to get my best. I will always make sure each member is in a position to be successful and leave feeling better than when he or she walked in. I coach with slight sarcasm and humor but can get pretty intense when I need to. I will 100 percent create the atmosphere and set the tone. You may see some pretty colors along the way.


What’s your favorite CrossFit workout or exercise?
Favorite benchmarks would have to be Elizabeth or Linda. I love anything with cleans. I’m pretty good at pull-ups and can climb a mean rope.


Do you have an arch nemesis?
Overhead squats and snatches. Terrible, but I’m working on it. I predict that by 2015 these will probably be my favorites as I’m working on them multiple times per week. Strength and mobility have been a struggle for me, but I love to see the improvements I make week after week, no matter how small they are.



What makes a great coach?
So many factors. Each coach brings something different to the table, but a few things must always need to be present.
A strong knowledge base and experience are two things that just take time. My coach once told me, you can’t fake experience, so you might as well as strap in and enjoy the ride.
As Ben Bergeron said, “A great coach understands we are not in the fitness business. A great coach knows we are in the relationship business.” It’s so true. Creating real relationships with your members/students and forging strong bonds is the lifeblood of coaching. Building trust will allow your members to open up and know that the coach always has their best intentions at heart.



Who would you consider your mentor?
I have so many as I have met some awesome people who have helped me greatly throughout my journey.
Dennis and Jen Marshall of CrossFit HQ and CFGC were my original coaches and really helped instill in me some great values and teaching tools. I can never repay them for the education I received or the relationships I built while at CFGC. That is why I really take this so seriously and give it my best. I always feel I represent them in some capacity.
My parents instilled in me all of my life values. They made me into the man I am today. Work ethic, integrity and kindness were big in my household.



Where can we find you when you’re not at EVF?
That’s funny. Probably at home because I’m always at EVF. 🙂

Very important questions: favorite food, movie and band?
Steak! A good rib eye or skirt steak is a solid veteran choice.
Tough questions. My taste changes with whatever mood I’m in. I’m gonna go “Top Gun” or “Rudy.”
Music is all about my mood. I’m on a huge country kick at the moment so Zac Brown Band is heavy on my playlist, and Foo Fighters are always a go to.

I like choices in my life.


Let’s hear three random facts about you.
I proposed to Alyssa Milano as a kid. Can’t fault a guy for trying.
I lived in Nebraska during my senior year of high school. So random but a pretty cool experience.
I have an awesome 15-year-old daughter who inspires me to fight each day to be successful and the man I need to be. There really isn’t a choice; failure just really isn’t an option.





There you have it folks. A  few items about me. Something I left out was how important this community is to me. Each of you make our career choices into dream jobs. No matter what, don’t ever forget how truly special EVF has become. It’s up to each of you to keep it that way. Its not about the programming (maybe a little) its not about the equipment, its not about the training. Its’s about the people who walk in the door day after day. Don’t ever let that go.

CrossFit has given so much to me. As my coach once said, “I don’t even remember the person I was beforehand” It really has impacted my life that greatly. I’m looking forward to seeing what the next few years has in store.

Get you some Thursday folks!







Westside Sept Athlete Spotlight of the Month.

We excited to announce this months Athlete Spotlight of the month. This person exhibits what we are all about on a day in and day out basis. Community, encouragement, dedication, consistency and most all…awesome.


This months Athlete spot light of the month is…..drum roll…..

Teesha Acosta



How/when did you get involved in CrossFit? What has motivated you to stick with it?

I first got involved in CrossFit in September 2013 when I did foundations at CrossFit Dymanix. My motivation comes from the feeling I get after every session in the box. It’s a feeling of euphoria I cannot even begin to describe.


What do you enjoy most about being a member at EVF?
At EVF I feel like I am a part of a huge family. Even when I meet new members from the East Side, they are always so welcoming.

Do you remember your first workout? Looking back how did it go?
My first workout was 90 push presses and 90 wall balls. I remember seeing 90 reps for each and thinking “Oh my god, am I going to finish this?” 12 minutes and 45 seconds later I felt so accomplished!


What were your goals when you first started? How have they changed?
Honestly, my goals when I first started were very vain. I wanted to have a CrossFit body. They have drastically changed because I am no longer focused on the aesthetics. I am focused on being the best athlete I can be, always giving 110 percent every time I step foot into the box.

How have you grown in that time — health, body, mind, etc.?
Since I began I not only feel physically stronger but mentally stronger. I have learned to listen and trust my capabilities more than I ever did.


Favorite lift and WOD?
My favorite lift would have to be power snatches. Even though I need more work on them, they are so empowering. My favorite WOD was Nancy. This WOD takes you to heaven and hell in just 5 rounds.

Least favorite movement and workout?
My least favorite movement at this point are thrusters, mainly because I need to work on them a lot! I don’t have a least favorite workout but long AMRAPs make me frown when I see them on the blog.


What drives you through the door each day?
The fact that euphoria is only 60 minutes away.

Do you have any advice for new members?
Never give up! Everyone will experience good days and bad days at the box, the important thing is to remember it is all part of the journey to becoming the best version of you.


What do you hope to achieve in the coming year?
In this coming year I hope to finally get over my fear of being upside down and gaining more overall strength.




Amazing! What a story from an awesome athlete. Teesha will always have the title as one of our first members at CFCC. I remember when she signed up, we still had not even opened yet. She was excited and enthused and still today she comes in with that same attitude. She is a pleasure to coach and always works her butt off.

Teesha loves the EVF community and has become an ambassador for us throughout the fitness community. She recently competed at her first competition with 3 people from 3 different boxes.

Any female should feel empowered by her story to know how hard this young women works to achieve her goals and make her dreams a reality. We are very lucky to have such a person.

You rock Teesha 🙂

Eastside Sept Athlete Spot light of the Month

Sorry for the delay folks. We had a tad bit issue with getting some action shots from this months Athlete of the month. Turns out they had no pics of themselves actually doing CrossFit. One of the first things that happens is you sign up, you work out and then you get people to take pictures of you working out.

Well this months Athelte Spot light didnt get that memo. We will have to put that in bigger print on the contracts.

We are excited and very proud to announce this months Athlete Spot light is

Anthony Caputo


Anthony also won our Healthy eating Mens winner. I warn you now, stop reading if you don’t want to be inspired. 😉


We caught up with the man himself and asked him a few questions and finally took some shots of him doing CrossFit.

How/when did you get involved in CrossFit? What has motivated you to stick with it?

My girlfriend, Deanna, made me do it. We did the free intro on Thursday night, and I recall throwing my cigarette out at the door that led to what seemed to be a five-story staircase. I didn’t look back. From that first night I began a journey to take control over my physical existence as a human being. I didn’t focus on results at first but just simply committed to sticking to the program. Sort of an all or nothing approach. I feel great; that is what has kept me going and I’ve become very self-aware of the things that don’t make me feel good at all from a physiological point of view.

What do you enjoy most about being a member at EVF?

Saturday Partner WOD’s. We do this together. No judgments. And coaches who really want the best for us.



Do you remember your first workout? Looking back how did it go?

We did a partner WOD in the free intro. 3 rounds for time: 15 sit-ups, 10 wall balls, 5 burpees … I was about to gas-out (more like give up!) in the second round and thought I was going to die, but I kept at it. 8:34 was our time. Could probably rock that in less than 2 minutes now. It’d be more like a light warm-up on Tuesday night.

What were your goals when you first started? How have they changed?

I decided to commit to it and that I was going to change the way I ate. I really focused on clean eating; part paleo, no gluten and put in the work at the box. I didn’t have any preconceptions and simply trusted the plan. Other than snowboarding and the occasional round of golf, I hadn’t done anything athletic for over 20 years, so there was a lot of rebuilding and there still is. Eat clean, put in work, measure, adjust, do again and eradicate self judgment. Changed? I’ve become more self-aware and scientific about the nuances of programming, muscle recovery and nutrition. My goals are to stay healthy, get stronger and get faster.


How have you grown in that time — health, body, mind, etc.?

I’ve shrunk! Hovering at about 40 pounds less than when I started. I am absolutely in the best physical shape I have ever been. I’m also pushing 40 … very soon, which means I have 40-year-old knees, — which was and is my biggest concern, by the way. I can walk subway stairs like nobody’s business now. Mentally though, the people, this community have given me so much strength it cannot be quantified in a clean or squat PR. Everyone that I have met here keeps me pushing, to better myself, ourselves … that’s what we do for each other. You’ve got one more before the clock hits, get on the bar, get off the floor and pick it up. I am here to encourage you to do what you do for me.



Favorite lift and WOD?

STO. (shoulder to overhead)  Hands down, but as I am focusing more on mechanics, snatching is starting to feel really good. Favorite WOD? DT. I’ll do 10 rounds of DT. Love it.

Least favorite movement and workout?

Work on our weaknesses, right? Probably box jumps. I’ve got old knees. Nine months in, running endurance kinda sucks, but my short distance pace time is picking up. My least favorite workout? Not sure. Don’t pick and choose your WODs. Most frustrating is probably anything with double unders.


What drives you through the door each day?

I need that hour or so as part of my life balance. It keeps me conscious about how I eat and ultimately how I feel. Knowing that when I get to EVF, I’ll be with a group a people that encourage each other to be their best and give it their all.



Do you have any advice for new members?

Don’t stop. Walk down the stairs with a smile. Sprint up on your way out. Trust the coaches.


What do you hope to achieve in the coming year?

Blow up my back squat. Refine my snatch. Hit my DUs. Encourage my friends to push themselves.







AWESOME STUFF! First off how do you not trust a man who has a picture with a horse? This guy could run for president and he would have my vote from this picture alone.

Myself and the entire EVF staff are very proud of Anthony and the progress he has made. This has changed his entire life. One of the reasons why we chose him was because of the significant improvements he has made to his health, himself and his life. I can honestly say I’ve been truly inspired by his story. He is what CrossFit and EVF is all about.

The fight!

The fight for what you truly deserve in life. You deserve what you earn and he has put the time and sacrifice in. He fights everyday to improve himself. I have recently given him the OK to start the Performance classes and he is already improving rapidly.

I’m curious and excited at what the next 6 months are going to look like for Antony.  I hope there people who read this and come away motivated by him. His story is that damn good.

Cheers Anthony, you deserve this bro.







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