I am coming to New York City and would love to drop in. Can I? How much does it cost?

We love drop-in guests. Our drop-in rate is $35. Feel free to try our signature conditioning class, EVF 360. It’s for anyone — whether you have CrossFit experience of not.

Do I have to get in shape first before I start?

This is a common misconception. The most elite athlete can come into the gym and find a workout challenging. You will never be “fit” enough. That’s why we are here and offer scaling options for each individual. We want you to thrive in each workout on a personal level. Fitness is a lifelong journey, we are never really “there.” We also offer conditioning classes that can be hugely beneficial to helping you get ramped up if you haven’t been training recently.

Will I get big and bulky?

In order for people to get bigger, especially women, there are two things that you would have to make a concerted effort to do. One: pick up very heavy weight on a frequent basis. This is not something we do. Yes, we are very much concerned about your strength and we do lift heavy some days. But this is not our main focus. Two: eat an extremely high calorie diet. For most to gain productive muscle mass takes quite the effort in eating the right foods in a high amount. This is also something that we do not focus on. The majority of the workouts we do provide your muscles with more contractile potential and not hypertrophy (muscle mass).

Can I get a good workout in under 30 minutes?

Yes, this is absolutely what we believe in. More and more research shows that shorter duration/higher intensity workouts yield higher benefits/results. Basically, it just boils down to hard work. But the truth is, the longer the effort the lower our intensity. If you run 10 miles your intensity (power output) will be lower than if you run multiple 400 meter sprints. EVF does go beyond 30 minutes per workout on occasion, but the majority of our workouts are shorter in duration. If you have a shorter workout, you can work harder by nature which can lend to a better response, especially combined with the movements we do. No matter who you are or what workouts you do, without hard work you will not receive results, which is why we encourage you to work to the limits of your physiological and psychological tolerances.

I have heard you can get hurt doing CrossFit. Is this true?

You can injure yourself in any activity, but CrossFit is safer than many activities people perform every day. We like to work with people in 3 stages. First: Mechanics (learning how to do the movements with correct technique), Second: Consistency (the ability to do the movements over and over again with safe and relatively efficient technique), Third: Intensity (the speed at which you do the movements). One does not come before the other. We always start with Mechanics, and we ask that you help us help you! Tell us of any injuries or discomfort that you may be experiencing so that we can watch out for you and make sure you are only working within your ability.

Will CrossFit aggravate back or neck pain from previous injuries?

Numerous clients of ours have come through the doors with previous injuries or tweaks and found relief from the pain by strengthening the muscles around the problem area. All to often people neglect exercising their low back due to fear of injury. Because of this they end up deconditioned, weak, and more susceptible to injury in the future from minor mishaps, which is usually what happens. Taking part in CrossFit will provide you a buffer so that you are less susceptible to these kinds of injuries. The movements and workouts are all completely scalable allowing anyone to take part.

Since you don’t follow the CrossFit.com programming, what are your goals when programming for the gym?

CrossFit.com provides excellent programming. We take the same approach with constantly varied movements and workouts. We choose to offer workouts that may be more easily scaled in group settings and address some of the needs/desires of our community. We focus on honing in our technique and lifting weights to address strength demands. We also like to provide people with a longer workout each week so they can get their “endurance” bug fed. Another approach that we have is to address weaknesses the gym may have as a whole. Things like overhead squats, Olympic lifting, or basic technique with bodyweight movements. Our philosophy is the same as HQ (constantly varied, functional movement at high intensity). We just try to meet some more specific needs of our community.

Is CrossFit out of my price range?

CrossFit is often difficult to compare to other fitness programs. We offer a variety of classes and options as well as some of the best trainers within the CrossFit community and the NYC fitness scene. The reality is with the quality of instruction you get from our trainers; it can be compared to personal training at a fraction of the cost. Remember that your CrossFit membership will also give you access to additional classes and programs. Try our EVF 360 class packages if you aren’t ready to make the CrossFit commitment.

I have heard CrossFit is really hard. Is this true?

CrossFit is as hard as you make it. We encourage people to push to the limits of their own tolerances but only you can make the most out of your own workouts with the amount of work you put into them.

I have to admit, I just follow your blog and then do the workouts on my own. Is this OK?

You could just follow our blog, but you would not get the quality of teaching from our certified trainers. Most people are not taught how to move correctly and don’t know how to teach themselves. You are automatically making yourself more susceptible to injury and leveling off in your gains by trying to do this on your own. It is also infinitely more fun when you are encouraged and held accountable by a group of your peers. Plus you won’t have someone cheering you on in your basement or local gym, like you have at EVF!

I keep hearing that CrossFitters eat Paleo. Is this how you expect your members to eat?

No! You can eat however works best for you. We do have many members who eat Paleo, or have tried Paleo. We can talk to you about it and tell you why many CrossFitters like it – but ultimately that is up to you. What we do insist, however, is that you realize that nutrition is one of the biggest components in your health and fitness, and you must pay attention to how you eat. That being said, we have many members how eat a well-balanced, non-paleo diet.

If you have any questions and would like to know more about what we do,
please do not hesitate to contact us through our contact form or call us.