EVF 360 – Conditioning Class / HIIT


Exclusive to EVF Performance, EVF360 is a HIGH-INTENSITY strength and conditioning class that will keep you moving for an hour – and help you get fitter in no time!


360 is our energizing, signature strength and conditioning class: a high intensity, full-body workout, based on proven weight-loss techniques, that makes you fit and stronger.  Enhance your sport or weekly workout, get lean, live every day with more ease of movements.  Perfect for any level of fitness with careful guidance from our distinguished coaches.


Coaches and peers constantly welcome new students into small, intimate classes. Each day’s workout is varied and different from the day before.  You will get lean and fitter by doing squats, rowing, jump rope, ski ergs, jumping jacks, bear crawls, burpees, sit-ups and more!  The only thing we require is the desire for fun and fitness.


Whether we are climbing stairs, lifting small children, carrying groceries, excelling at yoga, training for a triathlon or mud race, or playing on a new basketball league, our bodies benefit from strength and conditioning. Keep your bodies strong and sharp, just like your mind!  The attention given to our 360 students stands out in the industry, and we intend to keep it that way.

GET STARTED: No advance knowledge required. First Class $20.

Outdoor Version in Season.

Pushups, Planks, Burpees and More..

Pushups, Planks, Burpees and More..

Kettlebells, Wallballs, and more..

See EVF 360 Schedule for Columbus Circle and Upper East Side Locations!


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