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10 December 2012

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Workout of the Day

OY! This Torah is heavy!


















Every minute on the minute for 8 minutes complete 3 Cleans (65-70% of 1RM) and 6 Hand-Release Push-Ups



“The Hanukkah Plotz”

In teams of two, hold position or weight while your partner works:


Hold mid-point of Squat  /  800 meter row then…

Front rack hold (#185/125)  /  25 shoulder to overhead (#115/75) then…

Hold mid-point of push-up  /  800 meter row then…

Back rack hold (#250/165)  /  25 power cleans (#115/75)


One partner holds position or weight while the other partner is working.  For example, Partner A will hold the mid-point of a squat while partner B begins rowing.  When A cannot hold the squat any longer, partners switch until 800 meters is completed.  The same holds true for the rest of the workout. Partner A will hold the weight in a front rack position while B completes 25 reps of shoulder to overhead, switching when necessary.   Partners will yell, “switch,” when they need to switch tasks.


Enjoy and Happy Hanukkah!  L’Chiam!




Comments: 3

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