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The 2014 CrossFit world wide Open is upon us

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Good afternoon folks,

The title states it all. The 2014 CrossFit world wide open is about to begin. 5 weeks. 5 workouts. Hundreds of thousand of people. Us!

Lets chat about what is going to happen over the course of the next 5 weeks.

The workouts will be announced and streamed every Thursday by CrossFit HQ at 8pm. You will be able to watch some of the worlds best CrossFit athletes go head to head and partake in that weeks workout.

Which then leads to the AWESOMENESS that will take place at EVF CFUES.

Every Saturday we will tackle the open workouts together as a community. Think about how amazing our in house competition was “Battle of the Fittest” Times that by 5 weeks (minus the DJ).

Here is Saturdays Schedule for the next 5 weeks.

8am EVF360

9AM EVF360

10AM CF Open

11am CF Open

12pm CF Open

We will go through the workouts and standards at the top of each hour. You will be able to sign up for a specific time slot. Within that time slot we will run multiple heats. The workouts and time durations will determine the number of heats we will have to run within the hour.

Coach what happens if I cant make a Saturday?

No problemo. Just shoot me an email We can schedule you to do it on your own or we’ll make sure we have a coach here to help judge you.

Coach, if I am not signed up for the Open can I come and participate?

Are you not a member of this amazing community? Yes you are, so the answer is YES.

However seeing as we have almost 60 participants registered and will only be running three hours of CF programming we suggest taking the EVF360 class.We are not running it as a normal CF class. you will be responsible for getting prepared and warming up on your own. Consider the options and do whats best for your goals and schedule.

Everyone is encouraged to come down, support and cheer on your fellow members. Bring refreshments if you’d like.

Coach will we be able to scale the workouts? 


That is the beauty of it all. The workouts are typically designed so that each WOD is doable, then as the workout goes on it will get more challenging whether it be by the load or the techinal demand of a skill.

Give it your best shot. This will be a perfect enviroment for PR’s and achievements. Sometimes all you need is that little extra motivation.

Remember to have a good attitude and do not get upset if you are No repped. We will be strictly upholding all standards. If someone gets an unbelievable score and it shows that the results do not measure up, I can possibly lose my abilities to judge or even worse my Level 1. I take that very seriously. If you can’t do something no big deal but we can not give you a rep if it is not deserved. Sorry no bro reps.

Click here for Standards and rules of bro reps

Coach how should I set up my workout schedule for the week?

I suggest taking off on Friday’s and leaving that as a rest day. Give yourself one more rest day through out the week. You should not be working out more than 5 days per week any hows. You know who I’m talking to.

The programming will be pretty challenging during the beginning of the week (in case you havent noticed already). Be sure to look for something disgusting on Fridays so that if you do not take my suggestion and come in chances are you will surely be regretting it on Sat. All your choice of course and I will never say you cant workout. Just a mere suggestion.


Coach can I still sign up?


Click here to register

Coach can I do anything extra to help my scores?

Yes and no. How you decide to live over the course of the next 5 weeks will have a great impact on your performance. Meaning your lifestyle. Eating, sleeping, training, work, stress levels etc. Just like in everyday life. If your really looking to do well then you should have all of this dialed in by now. If you  struggle in any of these areas (fellow professional in NYC, we all do), thats a conversation we can have individually as I want to see everyone here be successful with their fitness and performance goals.

Don’t be afraid to ask one of your coaches for additional help. The best thing you can do is giving your movement an increased focus. Meaning, what happens to your knees when you squat or your forearms when your trying to hold a rack position, does your midline break during push ups?

At this point we can help you understand mobility,proper movement and by giving more attention to both will benefit you in the long run rather than just focusing on a certain skill. See a coach or ask Julia how you can take advantage of our 1 on 1 coaching options.

Coach I’m nervous!

So am I. Seriously though at the end of the day were just exercising dudes and dudets.

Click here if your nervous

We have the backing of 200 people in this box . Nothing is more powerful than that. Everyone is a little nervous. Thats a good thing. It means your alive. Take those nerves and use them to push yourself past a point you never thought was possible. I will be there every step of the way and so will your coaches and your fellow members.



This is going to be so much fun. These are our games. Let’s all look to doing our best, be humble, be supportive of one another and most all of lets have a blast.


Coach James



Comments: 3

  1. Thanks for the info, I can assure you, I will be no where near EVF on Fridays for the next 5 weeks.

    My only concern is the schedule. The 800am time slot is the key to my Saturday workout schedule. With a kid, weekends are already tough, late mornings are difficult too.
    I was hoping you could alternate the 360 time slots with the open time slots.

    Just my 2 cents.. If not, I’ll try and figure something out.


  2. I’m seeing the regular Sat schedule… it says 360 is at Noon, not CF Open. Do we just sign up for the time slot we want regardless of the class that is listed on the schedule?

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