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A Fond Farewell

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I’ve been thinking about how to begin this post for the past week or so, and I find I’m still at a loss for words or direction.  I suppose it’s easiest if I get to the crux of the matter as quickly as possible – I’m writing today to let all of the members of the EVF family know that Wednesday will be my last day coaching here.  You may be aware that I recently spent a year living in Australia and that I have been looking into ways to go back there.  I recently learned that I have been accepted into a program there and will be going back on a student visa for at least the next year or so.


Nine months ago, when I returned to NYC and was just getting involved with EVF, I believe I would have felt nothing but excitement to know that I would be going back to Australia.  Over the past nine months, however, I have been given the opportunity to become part of something profoundly moving here, and the feelings I have now are incredibly mixed and bittersweet.  I am still ecstatic to be going back.  The prospect of packing up my life and moving across the world is neither more nor less stressful than I imagine it would otherwise have been.  But the emotional toll of saying goodbye to all of you is somewhat devastating, to put it bluntly.  And despite the pain associated with goodbye, I am also grateful to you for making this experience something that could touch me so profoundly and genuinely.  I thank you all for that.


This community is full of amazing people, each in their own right, and I have enjoyed watching you all grow as athletes and as individuals.  I have seen many changes in you all, as you become stronger, more mobile, more conditioned, and most importantly, more confident.  I’m always impressed by the warmth of our members in how they rally together to cheer on the last athlete finishing a WOD.  I believe that CrossFit strengthens mentally as well as physically, and I hope that you continue to experience the effects of that.  I hope that you all look at life with new eyes, and don’t ever assume something is too difficult for you to handle.  Continue to challenge yourself, and continue to confront adversity with the fortitude you bring into the gym everyday – you will be better for it, I assure you.


I was fortunate to stumble upon such a compassionate, driven and knowledgeable group of coaches at EVF.  In working with them, I can say with absolute certainty that I have grown as both an athlete and as a coach, and I hope that they can say the same for having worked with me.  And I hope that you as athletes are able to say the same for having worked with me.  I am also grateful to Eric and Deb for the confidence they have shown in my work, for their faith in my ability to contribute to the community here, and for offering me a chance to grow as a professional.  I am sad to say goodbye to you all, but I am confident that you will all be left in extremely capable hands with the coaches at EVF.  A CrossFit affiliate is only as good as its coaches – this is something of which Eric, Ian, Matt, Jim, Sean, James, Deb, and I are all acutely aware.  You can rest assured that each of them will strive to continue to provide you with the best product possible and will continue to foster the cohesive spirit that makes this gym so special to me, and I hope to all of you as well.


Although I’ll be on the other side of the world for a while, I hope to stay in touch with everyone here and will definitely be dropping in whenever I’m back in the city.  In the meantime, train hard and smart, keep on keepin’ butt tight belly tight, get organized, and remember, pain makes you beautiful, so mobilize mobilize mobilize, you sexy supple leopards!!!


I’ll leave my email below – please do not hesitate to stay in touch there and/or to add me on Facebook / LinkedIn.  I wish you all the very best in training and in life in general, and hope to hear from you.  And if by chance, you happen to make it to Australia at any point while I’m there, definitely let me know!


In the meantime, we are gathering at Penrose (1590 2nd Avenue, between 82nd and 83rd) tonight at 8:30 for drinks.  If you have the time and the inclination, please stop by for a drink or two, or just to chat and hang out.


Yours in strength,

Zachary ‘Hang-On’ Singer


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  1. Stop. It. Right. Now. I’m beyond devastated 🙁 But, obviously kudos to you on pursuing your goals. Very jealous you’ll be a tan & fit Aussie again in no time. You will be missed terribly.

  2. Nnnnnoooooo! U can’t leave me so soon. We just met. Ugh! I will miss u much but know you have to move forward with this new chapter in your life. Best wishes and loads of luck.

  3. We did just meet, Miche, and your smile and attitude always makes you fun to work with and be around! I wish I was going to be here for more of that, and will miss you as well. Thank you very much – wherever I go I’m sure I’ll need the luck!

  4. Steph, I’m a bit devastated as well and will definitely miss you as well. I didn’t have a ton of time with the evening crews, but I have had a bit lately and have always had a lot of fun with all of you. I have to say though, I’m just getting over you calling me an ‘extra small’ before we even met, and now you’re suggesting I’m neither tan nor fit? Wow, I’m admittedly pale, but unfit? Now that’s just uncool. 😉

    1. Zach,
      So sad to hear that you are leaving, but extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from you and train next to you. Your attitude was a constant motivator for me as I took the first steps into this challenging and addictive world.
      I think the other Steph who posted was Steph Garrido, not me. Haha I may have called your shirt a ladies XS, but you are clearly fit, and will clearly show those Aussies a thing or two…. I’m thinking “CrossFit Down Under” has a nice ring to it. 🙂
      Wishing you all the best on your new adventure!
      Many thanks,
      Steph N.

  5. Absolutely positively devastating!!!! Zach it’s been an absolute pleasure having you coach us!! You will be missed enormously!!! You made every morning tough and real…thank you for always challenging us and making us better on every WOD….promise I’ll get those box jumps right next time 😉
    Congratulations on getting into your program and moving back to where you want to be. I wish you all the best in life…and come back and visit us 😉

  6. What’s up Zac, I just got the word from Miche that you were leaving The United States OF America–for Australia!!!. I wanna wish you all the best man in all your endeavors. Have a great time and congrats.

  7. What’s up Zac, I just got the word from Miche that you were leaving The United states OF America-for Australia!!! I wanna wish you all the best man in all your endeavors. Have a great time and congrats.

  8. Zach,

    Everything everyone said above is so true. I am completely devastated as well and you will be missed so much. Having lived in Australia as well, though, I’m so excited for you to be heading back there!

    I have never felt this strong in my life and I owe it all to EVF but especially to you! Thank you for being an amazing coach and individual! You will be missed so much, however, congratualtions on pursuing your dreams!


  9. What??? Before my OnRamp is finished??? Well, thank you for getting me started on the road of CrossFit. Congratulations on your opportunity to go to Australia..Sounds like you are pursuing your passion. Without passion, there is no purpose, and I’m all for following your passion! Good luck and stay healthy! Thanks for making a difference in my life.

  10. But you were the guy who did my free intro that convinced us to come to this gym. Can you coach via skype! We will try to stop by for a goodbye drink.

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