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A Note from Coach Matt

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Dear EVF Community:

I have been fortunate to be an active part of the EVF community since its inception. It’s all I have been about for the past seven plus years. I have seen the community evolve, grow and become a strong place. Not just a place where people go to get stronger, but also a place with a strong sense of togetherness and caring. The way we all support and help one another; from the staff and coaches throughout the membership, it’s infectious. It’s one of the reasons I’ve stayed on as long as I have. It’s also one of the things that makes this change difficult and hard.

Having recently completed my MBA in finance with the intent of going back to the corporate world in which I worked for many years before my EVF days, I knew that notion wasn’t necessarily perfect. I realized I truly love working with people and helping them achieve their goals. I decided to use my experience in teaching and finance to teach children math. I was offered a position for this year at Bay Ridge Prep. With the school year commencing next week, I need to get up to speed yesterday, so while it feels surreal, I will no longer be coaching the 9am 360 class on a regular weekday basis. Wait. Were you paying attention? See how I worded that? “Regular weekday.” Post Labor Day, I’m going to be privileged to coach Saturday’s 8:45am 360, along with the 10am Outdoor 360 until the season ends. I also have every intention of being as involved as I can be with the upcoming 360 Partner Competition. Change, but not a disappearance. Thank you all for always bringing your best and in turn, bringing out my best.

With Respect,
Coach Matt