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August 31, 2012 — CrossFit

By: 3 Comments

Workout of the Day


Weighted Chin Ups 5 x 5 (or work on progressions if you don’t have pull ups yet)

Rest 2-3 minutes between sets



“Death by” push-ups and ring rows for 20 minutes

First min…1 push-up, 1 row, rest the remainder of the minute

Second min…2 push-ups, 2 rows, rest the remainder of the minute

And so on for 20 minutes.  If you fail to do the required reps in one minute, start again from 1 rep



Comments: 3

  1. Great week….

    A: 5×5 Weighted pull-ups. Last set @ 20kg
    B: Had to reset after failing to get 11 rows, got back up to 8 (but to be honest, I
    missed the last rep on the set of 8 rows)

    Enjoy the holiday

  2. Thought this might be amusing….

    Conversation at 5:55 AM:
    Me: Eric, is the 7:30 PM class gonna be crowded?
    Eric: We might cancel it, get your ass down here now

    1. That’s awesome and sounds about right for Eric…

      Well done this week. Enjoy the holiday weekend. We start getting strong on Tuesday at 8p!

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