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Columbus Circle Athlete of the Month

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“Sabrina is one of the most motivated athletes I have ever coached. Every day Sabrina put the extra time in to achieve her goals. From her hard work and great attitude, she became a role model for many of our female and male athletes.

Even though Sabrina will be residing mostly in Texas, we all look forward to her monthly trips back home. We miss you a ton Sabrina. Come back soon!”

— Coach Jamie


How/when did you get involved in CrossFit? What has motivated you to stick with it?
I started CrossFit about a year ago, a month after my daughter was born. Seeing myself stronger, faster and overall more fit than before my pregnancy has motivated me to keep training. The constant variety and the great community makes it even easier!

What do you enjoy most about being a member at EVF?
The community, the coaches, and my CrossFit sisters!

Do you remember your first workout? Looking back how did it go?
It wasn’t my first workout, but within the first few weeks of starting I did Murph. It was incredibly hard and it took forever. Eventually I finished. I remember feeling incredibly proud and grateful that I could complete such a workout after having a baby a few months before. After that, I thought, “OK, CrossFit is really hard, but I got this!”


What were your goals when you first started? How have they changed?
My goal when I first started was to get my pre-baby body back ASAP. Somewhere along the way, the focus on my appearance were overshadowed by my goals of getting strong, faster and more agile. I am constantly setting goals and working toward them. Sometimes, I’m feeling gymnasty and my focus will be handstands, pistols and muscle up progressions. Other times I’m more focused on getting stronger. Other times it’s the Olympic lifts. What I love about CrossFit is that there is always something to improve on.

How have you grown in that time — health, body, mind, etc.?
I am grateful for the strength I have gained through CrossFit. It has given me a lot more confidence and independence. Last week I traveled from NY to Houston along with my daughter, who is now 15 months. I had her strapped to my front, a backpack on my back and carrying a portable car seat one hand. I have CrossFit to thank for that.

Favorite lift and WOD?
Favorite lifts are overhead squats and deadlifts. Favorite WOD is Annie.


Least favorite movement and workout?
Thrusters, wall balls and Fran … a common theme here!

What drives you through the door each day?
The excitement of potentially surprising myself with a new movement, a faster time, a heavier lift, or all of the above!

Do you have any advice for new members?
Have fun! The rest will fall into place naturally.


What do you hope to achieve in the coming year?
So many things! My current focus areas are: (1) a muscle-up; (2) 20-second handstand hold; (3) 20 strict pull-ups; (4) 125-pound clean; and (5) 225-pound deadlift.

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