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CrossFit Upper East Side T-shirts…

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Hey CrossFit Upper East Siders…


I just wanted to get opinions from everyone on this design as our next t-shirt.  Please post any comments you have below.  What you like, what you don’t like, what colours you would like to see, if you have any suggestions for a witty saying to go on the back, if you hate it, or if you absolutely love it, post what size/color you want.





Comments: 14

  1. I do not get the connection with the monopoly man. Could you get sued for using him as a part of the T-Shirt? McDonald’s promotes monopoly. I think we need Neanderthals because cross fit feels very primal.

  2. I love the design! I think a darker blue would work better either way put me down for a size large. Go Crossfit UES!!!

    1. Great! Hoping that enough people like them so I can place an order. I need a minimum of 12 “Likes,” as it were, in order to place an order. It’s looking like we’ll have that…

  3. I get the idea behind this design and its kind of cool. I am just not sure if the sticker will look flattering on some women considering its location, especially if sticker is thick. To me it looks more masculine 🙂

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