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Friday 6/21/2013 WOD

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Warm up

plank 1 min

Groiners 1 min

Mountain Climbers 1 min

Mobilty coaches Choice



Level 2




touch and go floor the floor


level 1

hang cleans


touch and go build up to a challenging 3reps

work on technique and speed



Level 2

3 rounds for time

12 power cleans (135/95lbs)

15 Ring dips


Level 1

3 rounds for time

12 Sumo dead lift high pull (75/55lbs)

15 push ups



Comments: 2

  1. We’re going away from te Bench marks for a few weeks to concentrate more on training the specific movements. basically breaking the wods down to focus on improvment. Plus we have used a 21-15-9 scheme the last few weeks. Just a change.

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