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Friday 9/6/2013 WOD

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Warm up

10 Junk yard dogs with a Partner

With a PVC pipe

10 Pass Thru’s

10 Over Head Squats

Shoulder traction with bands

Dynamic Stretches






Take 20 Mins to find a new 1 RM



Training (Met-con)

“The Chuck Hustle”

5 Rounds

10 Power Snatches (95/65lbs)

15 Toes to Bar

-10 Burpees every two mins that go by-


Written by Coach Charlie and dedicated to his big red awesomeness!

Comments: 5

  1. 3 Rds + 20 Reps RX. After 18 months (to the day!) of Crossfit, burpees are the only thing that haven’t gotten any easier. I actually think they’ve gotten harder.

  2. Thanks, Charlie, and good luck to you. I will miss your humor – made getting through those WOD’s easier! (4 rounds plus 5 scaled #20)

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