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Friday, July 7 CrossFit Workout of the Day

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Required reading: 4 Ways to Boost Recovery for Physical and Mental Health from Puori

Warm up
2k partner row (switch every 250m)

Resting partner performs:
10 supermans (after 250m)
10 empty bar deadlifts (after 500m)
10 empty bar press (after 750)m
10 ring rows (after 1000m)

5 rounds for quality:
8 strict shoulder press
8 deadlifts
8 strict pull ups

Increase weight each round or keep it the same. Sets of press & deadlift should be unbroken.

Skill Work
Ring dips
3 times through series:
:20 hold top of dip
:10 hold bottom of dip
7-10 strict ring dips