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Friday, June 2 CrossFit Workout of the Day

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Mobility: Lack of mobility in the overhead squat (or any lift/movement) will lead to overcompensation of other areas. To avoid injury, to strengthen your lifts, to improve on technique, mobilize!

Warm up
3 rounds:
5 pass thrus
5 PVC overhead squats
5 band pull aparts
5 superman dislocates
5 alternating groiners

Performance: 3RM
Fitness: Mobility and technique

On a 14 minute clock…
7 minutes to complete 3 rounds of:
15 DB thrusters (30/20)
15 toes to bar
At the 7 minute mark:
7 minutes max calorie row

Two scores: time or reps completed for part one, then calories completed for part two.