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Friday, Oct. 6 CrossFit Workout of the Day

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Mobility: Mobilizing the wrists is surprisingly easy! It requires little or no equipment, just some time.  And if you can’t trust a doctor and the Fittest Man on Earth, then who can you trust?

Warm up
Banded hip distraction

5 minutes:
10 pass-thrus
10 PVC front squats
10 scap push ups

Part A
Every 2:00 for 8 rounds:
Front squat x 3 @ 70%

Part B
3 sets:
Strict pull ups x 8-12
Single-arm DB floor press x 10/arm

For time:
400m run
21 thrusters (95/65)
400m run
15 thrusters
400m run
9 thrusters