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Friday, October 11th Crossfit Workout of the Day – Upper East Side

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Our first Friday Night Lights events is tonight at 7:30pm at UES and 6:45pm at CC! Come hit open workout 20.1 with the crew then head to East End Bar and Grill (UES) or Morty’s (CC) to kick things off. Those not participating in the open are still welcome to come support and head out for drinks post-workout!

Warm Up

6 minutes:
10 band pull aparts
5 pass thrus
10 scap push ups
10 glute bridges
5 snatch Sotts presses


12 minute EMOM
Snatch x 1

Increase weight every 4 minutes.


18 minute EMOM w/ partner
Minute 1 – :60 max calorie row
Minute 2 – :60 max DB shoulder to overhead (50/35)
Minute 3 – :60 KBS (53/35)

Partners will alternate movements throughout.