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Monday 7/29/2013 WOD

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Warm up

Shoulder mobility with bands

Dynamic stretches

3 sets of

10 box jumps 20 inch or lower (step down)

5 strict pull ups (10 ring rows)

Burgener Warm up


Skill/ Strength

LV 2

Snatch grip High Pulls from the hang position

6 min Rotation w Partner

3 reps each.

stay light to work on speed through the middle



Hang power snatches


stay light work on the turnover


LV 1

Snatch grip High pulls

6 min Rotation with partner

3 reps each

stay light work on building your speed through the middle



Hang Power Snatches


stay light move through work with speed and efficiency



LV 2

for time

30 Burpees

30 power snatches (115/80lbs)

30 Burpees


LV 1

30 Burpees

30 SDHP (75/55lbs)

30 burpees


scaling options

scale # of reps

scale load on snatches

scale load on SDHP




Comments: 5

  1. Nice work guys, this looked awesome! I’ll officially be allowed to come back to class on Wednesday morning. Can’t wait to see you guys while NOT wearing rec specs!

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