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Monday 8/26/2013 WOD Bench Mark “FRAN”

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Hello my awesome people of EVF CFUES,

Hope you all had an awesome weekend are well rested and ready for a great week of training.

Do you know what this week is? That’s right, it is BENCH MARK week! This week we look back at our WODS from 3 weeks ago and look to take on the girls in there normal form.

This is going to be another fun filled week at CFUES, wear your shirts, put your funny colorful socks on, get your goat tape, shake up your SHF protein shakes and lets get ready to rock!



Warm up

400 meter run

3 sets of

10 air squats

10 Ring Rows

10 burpees

Dynamic Stretches







from the rack

Build up to a heavy set of 3



Training (Met-con)




pull ups


Level 1 /Scale options

Scale load on Thrusters

Scale pull ups with bands/ ring rows to chest

Comments: 3

  1. 8:45 @95lbs w/ 2 orange bands (1st time using 2 orange bands, usually green and orange..progress!!!)

    Only other time I attempted Fran was on May 11th. I couldnt do thrusters do to injury. results were;
    5:31 @75lb front squat w/ ring rows

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