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Monday, April 22 CrossFit Workout of the Day

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Looking for a quick, dynamic warmup for squats? Check out WOD Doc’s post on squat jacks. These combination squat and jumping jacks will increase your heart rate, warm up your muscles and stretch out your hips.

Engage your core with the wall bug. Lay on your back, facing away from a wall. Press both hands into the wall, with hips and legs bent at 90 degrees. You should be in a position similar to an overhead squat, minus the bar and on your back. While pressing into the wall with hands and fingers and your legs at 90 degrees, alternate tapping your heel to the floor 5 times per side. Repeat 2 times per side.

Warm Up
2 rounds:
10 banded side steps
8/8 staggered stance deadlifts
10 walking lunges
10 goblet squats

Back squat
78%, 3×5

Front squat
75%, 2×3

2 x 5 minute AMRAP:
21 double unders
15 pull ups
9 DB power cleans (50/35)

1:00 rest between AMRAPs