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Monday, August 7 CrossFit Workout of the Day

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Mobility: Distinguish the difference between lack of mobility and stiffness. Stiffness means you have the mobility to get into a deep squat, but you just don’t realize it because you’re stiff. This is quick 2 minute warm up for stiff bodies.

Warm up
7 minutes:
10 air squats
10 lateral band walks
:20/:20 spiderman stretch
:20/:20 couch stretch
10 supermans

Part A
Back squat
Wendler, Week 1

Set 1: 65%x5
Set 2: 75%x5
Set 3: 85%x5+

For the next four weeks, you will be working off of 95% of your 1 rep max.

Part B
2 sets:
16 back rack lunges
10 clapping push ups
12 DB pec flyes

For time:
1000m run
1000m row