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Monday, July 10 CrossFit Workout of the Day

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Our new CrossFit cycle is here! For a reminder on what’s to come, check out Coach Jenna’s post.

Mobility: New cycle, new PR’s on the horizon! If you’re still struggling getting down deep, you still may need to work on your ankle/calf mobility. Here’s a quick tip that can easily be done in your warm-up.

Warm up
1 minute single unders
1 minute spiderman stretch (:30/:30)
1 minute squat therapy
1 minute plank hold
1 minute banded side steps

Part A
Back squat
Wendler, Week 1

Set 1: 65%x5
Set 2: 75%x5
Set 3: 85%x5+

For the next four weeks, you will work off of 90% of your 1 rep max.

Part B
2 sets:
16 front rack lunges
12 dumbbell floor press
15 banded pull aparts

10-minute EMOM
20 double unders + 10 Russian KBS (70/53)