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Monday July 27 CrossFit Workout of the Day

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Thank you to these fine ladies for organizing a successful member appreciation week and thank you to all our members who make up our awesome EVF community!

Today starts our deload week….take this time to let your body recover and gear up for the coming strength cycle that starts next week.  Strength work this week will focus on stability and accessory lifts.  The idea is to give our members exposure to these exercises that, when done as part of a regular strength program, will help improve the main lifts, both olympic and power lifts.  Take what you learn about accessory movements in class and try to get them into your routine 1-2x a week, whether it be open gym, or before/after class.  Over time, you will see an improvement in your main lifts.


3 sets of:
10 close grip bench press
10 strict/weighted pull ups
15 tricep pressdowns w/ band
15 bent over KB rows


3 rounds
250m row
10 wall balls (20/14)
10 KB swings (70/53)
10 wall balls
10 KB swings
250m row

5 minutes rest between rounds. Each round should be all-out, 100% effort.
The goal here is to test your fitness level by testing your ability to recover. How much fall-off you experience in your second and third round times is indicative of your body’s ability to recover, regenerate ATP, and get rid of lactic acid.

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