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Monday, March 23rd At-Home Workout of the Day

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Warm Up


Choose your favorite movements and perform them Tabata-style (:20 on, :10 off) for 4 minutes.

Part A

4:00 stations (:20 rest between stations)

  1. Tabata lunges*
  2. AMRAP 8/8 single-leg deadlifts + 8 tuck ups
  3. Tabata mash up wall sit/hollow hold
  4. 1:00 step ups** + 2:00 squats + 1:00 plank

*If you have weights, perform a single-arm overhead lunge, alternating arms each round.

**If you don’t have a bench or stool for step ups, perform kneeling knees to feet get ups.

Part B

7 minute AMRAP
Backpack power cleans
Burpees over backpack

If you have equipment, perform the power cleans with dumbbells (single or double).

If you’re participating in our EVF Live class, be sure to have your equipment set up and ready before class!