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Monday, Nov. 21 CrossFit Workout of the Day

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If you missed it: Take on the Run for Rob 5-minute burpee challenge. Post how many you got with #runforrob and #burpeechallenge.

Mobility: Open your hips for back squats today. If you take these seriously and do the work, your hips, position and lifts will be so much better!

Warm up
7 minutes:
10 banded side steps
10 air squats
10 strict toes to bar

Back squat
Performance: 90%, 3×1
Fitness: 5×3, across

For time:
12-9-6-3 L-sit pull ups
21-15-9-6 Kettlebell snatch (53/35)
*50 double unders after each round

For time:
12-9-6-3 Strict pull ups/ring rows
21-15-9-6 American KBS
*100 singles after each round

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