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New cycle starts 9/17

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Fall is just around the corner, and so is our new cycle! Read all about what to expect in the next eight weeks.

On Mondays, we’ll be shifting our focus to the snatch. For the first two weeks, we’ll be working on power snatches. The power snatch allows us to train speed, force production, and efficiency in the pull. After that, we’ll start getting more comfortable with our overhead squat as we marry the power snatch and the full snatch.

Tuesday will be back squat (surprise). We’ll be utilizing a modified Texas method, beginning with a 5×5 at 65%. Each week, we’ll look to increase weight by 5 to 10 pounds, working towards re-testing a 5-rep max at the end of the cycle. Conditioning on these days will be less taxing, lighter, and mostly utilizing gymnastics and dumbbell movements.

On Wednesdays we’re continuing our overhead progression as we move into the split jerk. We just finished working on proficiency with the push press and push jerk. Now we’ll work toward pushing the weight even more in the split jerk. We’ll start with the basics —footwork, positioning, and force application, then transition to the clean and jerk in week five.

Say hello once again to the deadlift on Fridays! We’ll start fairly high volume, utilizing heavier working sets and then back off and complete AMRAP sets. This cycle gives us the opportunity to work on pulling  heavy weights, as well as doing some higher volume at lighter weights.

We’ll also be incorporating accessory work into the warm ups to get the most we can out of every hour. Look forward to some unilateral work, strict gymnastics, mobility, or all three each day of the week.

The cycle ends November 16th, so come in, work hard every day, and go into the holiday season the strongest (and hottest) you’ve ever been!