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New cycle starts Jan. 7

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Welcome to 2019 and our first CrossFit cycle! Here’s to a year of new skills, new PRs and lots of fun.
To start the week, we’ll still be working on front squats. These will be on the clock, with weights getting progressively heavier throughout the cycle. We’ll be testing a heavy single on the first day of the cycle to use as your “training max.” Monday’s conditioning will usually have a barbell and incorporate some higher skill gymnastic movement.
Tuesdays will be push press, with a a longer, “grunt work” metcon. Nothing particularly high skill, just work.
On Wednesday, we’ll take it back to basics. Each week we’ll be working on basic pushing and pulling gymnastic strength. You’ll perform 6 to 8 reps of your chose variation.
Level 1
Push up/knee push up (work on full range of motion, chest to floor, hips off the ground at the bottom)
Elevated (incline) push up (full range of motion)
Knee push up w/ abmats to shorten ROM
If none of the above are doable, have them work on a high plank hold with alternating shoulder taps
Banded strict pull up
Tempo negative pull ups
Ring row/tempo ring row (focus on staying hollow throughout movement)
Level 2
Pike handstand push up on box (on toes or on knees)
No decreasing of ROM against wall! If they can’t perform the rep to full range, they should work on the piked box push ups.
Strict pull up
Strict C2B pull up
Strict weighted pull up or C2B
Level 3
Strict hspu, adding a deficit or parallettes if the rep range isn’t challenging
Freestanding hspu
Strict muscle up
Additionally, Wednesdays will alternate snatch and clean technique work. Class will finish with a quick, high intensity workout (less than 10 minutes) that will incorporate the techniques we worked on in class.
On Fridays we’ll be deadlifting, adding weight and reducing reps each week.
Saturdays will still be partner workouts, and Sundays you can expect some bench press along with a fun metcon.
As we move into a new year of training, remember the importance of tracking your workouts. Bring a logbook with you to class (we have EVF logbooks for sale), or record all your numbers in Sugarwod.
Have a great cycle, and let’s make some progress!