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New Cycle Starts Monday!

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New cycle comin’ atcha! Monday, August 5th starts a new six-week program – a new opportunity for new goals, new milestones, and more PRs!

Get excited for an 8 rep max back squat cycle on Mondays! We’ll start by establishing a heavy set of eight on which to base our percentages throughout the cycle. Volume will increase as weight decreases throughout the cycle, concluding with an 8 rep max test at the end of the six weeks.

Tuesday we’ll be snatching, utilizing percentage work in a variety of complexes. We’ll be incorporating power snatches and overhead squats within the complexes, as well as working the pull from various positions to perfect our first, second, and third pulls.

On Wednesdays, we’re going overhead with strict press and an overload set of push press. You’ll perform your strict press sets, then complete a max set of push press immediately following your final set of strict press. Overload may sound like a bad thing, but not when we’re talking about strength training. Pushing your muscles to maximal fatigue on the final set will build more strength and increase muscular endurance, allowing you to ultimately handle more weight overhead.

Friday will be cleans and gymnastics, incorporated into an on-the-minute format. You’ll alternate low volume, heavy cleans with high volume gymnastics movements on the bar or rings. Pull ups, muscle ups, and toes to bar will all show up at some point over the course of the cycle.

Sunday’s strength/skill work will be overhead squats, and we’ll continue re-testing open workouts as we get closer to October and the next Crossfit Open.

Lots of new goals to set and records to crush. Have fun!