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New Cycle Starts Tomorrow!

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First of all, congratulations on an amazing CrossFit Open! Everyone put forth their best effort, with lots of firsts and PRs along the way. Now it’s time to reevaluate and set short- and long-term goals for the next weeks, months, and year. As we transition out of the open, focus will shift to heavy lifts, strict gymnastics in low to moderate volume, and maintaining conditioning.

On Mondays, we’ll be doing heavy front squats, with an overload set of back squats to finish each day. We’ll start with lower weights at higher volume, with weight increasing as the cycle goes on. Each front squat day will finish with a max set of back squats at your heaviest front squat weight.

Tuesdays will have a strict gymnastics focus, working in low to moderate volume sets. We’ll develop strict pulling and pushing strength, working towards strict muscle ups and strict handstand push ups. Scaling will be available for all levels. We’ll still work kipping gymnastics in our metcons, but emphasis will always be on strict movements before kipping.

Overhead squat and snatch will be our focus on Wednesday. Will start with a few weeks of honing the overhead squat, then we’ll transition into snatch with position work and complexes. Don’t worry if you don’t have a functional overhead squat! Come to class anyway. You’ll have an opportunity to work on your mobility, technique, and depth without worrying about adding weight.

On Friday it’s time to get strong! We’ll superset deadlift and push press at heavy loads in low volume. Developing strength and power in these two lifts will lead to heavier Olympic lifts, more explosive box jumps and gymnastics, and more overall strength.

It’s impossible to focus on every lift, every cycle, but heavy cleans, jerks, and thrusters will show up often in conditioning workouts. Come to class on Sunday for bench press, rows, and some fun metcons!

The cycle kicks off tomorrow with our Veteran’s Day hero workout. We’ll squat on Tuesday this week due to the hero workout, then will move back to Monday going forward.

Looking forward to a great cycle. Let’s set some big goals and get after it!