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Nicole Lee

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Fun Facts
  • My favorite part of an EVF 360 class is workin’ up a sweat alongside our awesome members and community and seeing if its possible to beat Coach Jay.
  • My workout playlist includes some good country tunes mixed in with some 90s hip hop.
  • My favorite movement to teach is the deadlift.
  • My pre-workout snack of choice is peanut butter and banana sandwich …on real bread!
  • The hardest workout I’ve ever done is a tossup between a heavy deads and weighted pull-ups couplet (lats had nothing left!) and 5 rounds for time of 400m run + 30 back squat (135/95).
  • My mantra when I’m struggling through a workout: “You’ve done worse, keep going” or “You’ve had a child. This isn’t that hard. Move it!”
  • My special talent is painting! I painted my whole apartment, including trim!
CrossFit Level 2 Coach

Nicole spent 10 years in corporate taxation before making the jump into fitness. She started her CrossFit journey about 2 years ago, and joined her husband, Ed, at EVF a year ago.

“I was hooked on how much fun it was for everyone around me,” Nicole said of her move to EVF. “I knew it was a community I wanted to be a part of.”

Nicole’s favorite part of her job is seeing her athletes become their best selves. “I love being able to teach someone what proper mechanics and technique feels like and then watch as they become proficient and eventually master movement,” she said.

Nicole is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, and she is certified in CrossFit Kids and CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting.

She is registered to take her CrossFit Level 2 certification in January and the Precision Nutrition L1 Certification in March.

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