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A Note from Coach Nicole

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My EVF Family:

As many of you know, Eric and Debra Frohlich started EVF in 2012 and have worked tirelessly to build it into quite a large business with two locations over the course of the past 5 years.  As EVF continues to grow and as our owners continue to pursue their entrepreneurial spirit, the Company finds itself in transition from a start-up five years ago, into an established business of today.  As such, the needs of support have evolved, and I am thrilled to be part of the next phase.   I will be getting back to my roots, hanging up my coaching and personal training hat to focus on the business side of EVF as the Chief Operating Officer (COO), leading the EVF business and current EVF team, as well as managing the financial operations at both EVF locations.

As most of you know, before I came to EVF as a personal trainer and coach in 2013, I spent over ten years in corporate financial and tax management; fitness was my second career after starting a family.  I am so excited to be able to utilize my formal education at an establishment that I truly care about and so near to my heart.  I couldn’t feel more lucky and blessed to have the opportunity to be able to meld together my formal educational training with my passion for fitness.

It is indeed an exciting time, but also a double edged sword!  I will no longer have the complete joy of coaching and training you all…it has been a pleasure and gift watching you move better as you got stronger and more capable, and even transition that strength and confidence to your everyday lives.  I have had the joy of literally leading the horse(s) to water and watching them drink.  The good news is that I will be able to take classes with you all now, (mostly) without my widely known ‘judgy eyes’!

I also must say thank you.  Thank you to Eric and Debra for empowering and trusting me in this new role.  Thank you to our amazing members for allowing me to coach you and help you in your journey here at EVF, and thank you to the entire staff at EVF for making me want to come to work every day, even at 4:40am.  I will be transitioning off my remaining scheduled classes and personal training clients within the next week or so.  See you all in classes!

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