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Open Prep Cycle Starts 9/16

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First of all, congratulations to everyone on last week’s PRs, as well as to those of you who participated in the mock powerlifting meet over the weekend. Awesome job to all!

As we look forward to the open, the emphasis will shift to more conditioning, gymnastics, and high volume barbell cycling. Even if you’re not planning on doing the open (BUT there’s no reason not to…), you’ll still end up stronger and fitter after these four weeks. 

After the brutal 8 rep cycle, the fun will continue as we transition to a 5 rep max cycle on Mondays. Today we’ll test a heavy set of five, and we’ll base our percentages on that number throughout the next four weeks. Similar to last cycle, the volume will increase as the weight decreases each week. 

Tuesdays will be a classic push/pull combo. We’ll work moderate to heavy touch and go deadlifts paired with a “push” gymnastics movement of your choice. You will choose the hardest variation for you; anything from a basic push up to a strict deficit handstand push up is fair game. Tuesday’s metcon will often incorporate higher volume gymnastics and light barbell work.

On Wednesdays, it’s all barbell all the time! We’ll be working high-volume, heavy cleans, focusing on becoming proficient at cycling a heavy barbell outside and inside of metcons. Plan to spend a little extra time warming up, and be prepared to put some serious weight on the bar.  

Fridays we’ll be working on snatches on a clock in a variety of different complexes. You can also look forward to testing a few past open workouts throughout the cycle!

Have fun, and don’t forget to go to and sign up for the Open!