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Sweat for Sandy

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Doing More to Help Those Who Have Less

Attention all members – please come in this Friday (November 16) for a special event to raise money for those affected by Hurricane Sandy.  We will be going a bit old school for the day and in the process giving you a chance to put some money on your muscles – or on your friends’ muscles, for that matter.


So without giving too much away, here’s how it’s going to work.  The event will be here running all day long and you’re welcome to stop in at any time to do your part to help those in need.  We won’t be posting a workout online for the day, but rest assured, there will be one ready for you when you come in.  We would love to see 100% attendance on Friday for this event.  I’m sure you have all seen the destruction Sandy caused, so please do your best to be here Friday to support the victims left in her wake.  And please feel free to bring your friends – they will be able to pledge a few bucks on your performance / workout, and we will have a little something in store for them as well, should they feel like dripping a bit of sweat to help out with the recovery efforts.


So how can you donate?


Simple.  There will be two ways to give money – you can pledge a certain amount based on your or someone else’s performance, or you can simply give what you would like and what you are able to give.  In terms of wagering money on the fitness of a fellow CrossFitter, here’s how it will work.  The workout will be scored – either in terms of total pounds or total reps, or both.  Those scores will be combined for a total score.  You can pledge money on either or both parts of the workout.  Here’s an example:


Take me and Ian for example.  My workout is the following: “Take 15 minutes to find a 1-RM Clean.  Rest until recovered, then complete as many Kettlebell Swings as possible in 5 minutes.”   Ian can pledge to donate $ for each pound that I clean.  He can pledge $ for each KB Swing I complete.  Or he can pledge to donate $ for each point of my combined score (#’s + Reps = Total).  Scores could easily be in the range of 300-600, so bear in mind it’s fine to pledge a dollar, a quarter, a nickel, or anything in between for each pound or point.


The goal is to have some fun raising money for those who are in far greater need than any of us at the moment, so please dig in a bit and give whatever you are able.  For all donations, please visit our fundraising page. We look forward to seeing you all on Friday.


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