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Thursday 6/26/2013 WOD

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We are sadly saying good bye to Jason  (pictured in middle) as he moves from NYC into the burbs. He is always the first guy in the gym every morning and always comes in with a bright smile. Even at 5am. Losing one of our family members is always a tough thing for us at EVF, we wish him and his family all the best on their new journey. One day I will find that footage of Jason crushing toes to bar only to let go and well, you can only imagine what happened next 🙂 Good luck big guy!








Warm up

LAX Ball 2 mins per scapula

Shoulder traction with bands

Hip/ankle mobility coaches choice


Snatch balance





Level 2 (advance)

5 sets of

3 position Snatch

Snatch from the ground

Snatch from the hang (top of the knee)

Snatch from the high hang (hip)

That is considered 1 rep. Build up to a heavy set with out dropping the bar.





Level 1

“Squat” Snatch from the hang position


Stay at a low to moderate weight

For those who have very poor shoulder or hip mobility use just the bar to work on depth and efficiency



Level 2 (advance)

400 Meter run

40 Power Snatches (75/55lbs)

400 Meter run


Level 1 (beginner)

400 meter run

40 Plate ground to over head (45/25lbs)

400 Meter run


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