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Thursday 8/1/2013 WOD

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BOOM! Good bye July and hello August! Lets get this month started off right by hitting some heavy dead lifts.

















Warm up

Jump rope / Double Under Practice

No time measure

3 sets of

20 air squats

5 inch worms

10 Push ups

5 strict Pulls ups/ 10 ring rows

Dynamic stretches



Dead lifts


Build to a 1RM in 20 minutes

5 reps @ 50% 1RM
4 reps @ 60%
3 reps @ 70%
2 reps @ 80%
1 rep @ 90%
1 rep @ 95%
1 rep @ 100% +



LV 2 (ADV)

5 rounds for time

10 Dead lifts (225/155lb)

50 Double Unders

(200 meter run every time you fail)

86th-85th and back in the building



LV 1 (Beginner/scale)

12 Min AMRAP

10 Deadlifts (155/110lbs)

150 Single jump ropes

(200 meter run every time you fail)

86th-85th and back in the building


Moral of the story. Make your doubles.

Comments: 5

  1. Hesitated getting out of bed at 5am and the rest was history, so I guess today is rest day. See you all bright and early tomorrow!!

  2. 15:22 L2 RX

    Awesomely brutal. Loved this one and was seriously humbled watching Paul rip through this one sub 10.

  3. When did you guys do this? Paul went sub 10? Mother fucker…lol I forgot he destroys double unders. Nice job pal, did u get a PR?

  4. DL
    350# (5# PR)
    Slowly but surely working to that 400# goal.

    13:29 RX’d

    Spent a lot of time resting before double unders to avoid any penalty.

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