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Thursday 8/29/2013 WOD Bench Mark “Elizabeth”

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Warm up

3 sets of

10 Jump Squats

10 Ring Rows to chest/ 5 strict pull ups

40 mountain Climbers

Dynamic Stretches

Clean Barbell Progression




level 2(adv)



Touch and go from the ground. Build up to a 3 RM


Level 1(Beginner)

Hang Cleans


Work on speed and technique.


Training (Met-con)

Bench Mark

“Power Elizabeth”


Power cleans (135/85)

Ring Dips


Level 1/ scale options

Scale load on PC

If still learning  movement substitue PC with SDHP (75/55)

If unable to perform Ring Dips scale with push ups

Comments: 4

  1. Damn!!!! your a beast John, good work!!

    I PR’d as well on power clean @ 155# thanks to Coach Tom

    Elizabeth – 7:49 @ 115 w/ ring dips

  2. Great job, guys. That’s impressive. Upset I missed Benchmark Week but needed to nurse a minor injury. Hopefully back next week.

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