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Thursday, August 29th EVF 360 Workout of the Day

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Our 360 Battle Royale at Upper East Side is fast approaching! This will be a great opportunity to test your fitness in a friendly, competitive environment. On Saturday, October 5th, teams of two (one male, one female), will throw down in three 360-style events. Get your teams together and get signed up – RX and scaled division available. Standards listed below:

RX standards – proficiency with 50 (men)/35 (women) single dumbbell and 40/25 double dumbbells, 53/35 kettlebell, 20/24″ box jumps, toes to bar, 20/14 wall ball

Scaled standards – proficiency with 35/20 single dumbbell and 20/15 double dumbbells, 35/26 kettlebell, 20″ step ups, sit ups, 14/10 wall ball

Today’s Workout

8 minute AMRAP
21 DB deadlifts
14 weighted step ups
7 DB push press

Rest 2:00

10 minutes to complete 3 rounds:
30 hand release push ups
20 KBS

Rest 2:00

8 minute AMRAP
7 burpee box jumps
14 plank rows
21 mountain climbers

Rest 2:00

10 minutes to complete 3 rounds:
20 toes to bar/hanging knee raises
30 DB hang snatches

Men RX: 40# DBs, 53# KB
Women RX: 25# DBs, 35# KB