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Thursday, May 11 Workout of the Day

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Join us this Saturday at the Upper East Side for the CrossFit Total! Test your squat, deadlift and strict press. It’ll be a fun chance to set some new PRs, celebrate with friends and test yourself. Sign up on Mindbody for 10, 11 or 12. See you there!

Mobility: If you’ve ever had someone tell you not to wear flip flips, they are not wasting their breath. Wearing flip flops causes the toes to clench causing tension up the calf. This could be causing weaknesses in your ankle, Achilles and calf.

18 minutes to complete:
750m row
500m run
40/30 calorie assault bike or ski erg
30 DB/KB thrusters
20 burpee pull ups (or 20 burpees + 20 ring rows)
15 DB/KB snatches (each arm)

Rest 2 minutes

18 minutes to complete:
100 mountain climbers
75 v-ups
50 dumbbell plank rows
30 weighted step ups
10 wall walks (or 40 plank ups)
30 medicine ball cleans
50 alternating plank toe touches
75 single-arm alternating KBS
100 mountain climbers

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