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Thursday, October 24th EVF 360 Workout of the Day

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Don’t forget about our Beau vs. Cancer fundraiser this Sunday, 10/27 at UES! We’ll be doing a hero workout in his honor and accepting donations for him in all classes from 8am to 1pm. Hope to see you there!


40 minutes to complete:
50 wall balls
25 devil press (40/25)
100 double unders/50 lateral DB hops
40 wall balls
20 devil press
80 double unders/40 lateral DB hops
30 wall balls
15 devil press
60 double unders/30 lateral DB hops
20 wall balls
10 devil press
40 double unders/20 lateral DB hops
10 wall balls
5 devil press
20 double unders/10 lateral DB hops