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Thursday, October 31st EVF 360 Workout of the Day

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Member Appreciation Week starts Monday, 11/4! We appreciate you every week of the year, and now we want to show it! Each day, we’ll do a drawing for one of five awesome prizes so be sure to put your name in the bucket each day for a chance to win. The week will cap off with a happy hour at The Milton (UES members) and Walter’s Cottage (CC members). Hope to see you there!

Working in intervals of :40 on, :20 off complete each of the following triplets:

75 KB deadlifts (70/53)
75 wall balls
75 push ups

50 overhead plate lunges (45/25)
50 burpee box jumps
50 DB snatches (50/35)

25 manmakers (35/20)
25 calorie row
25 pull ups/ring rows

Take two rounds of rest after completing each workout.