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Tuesday, July 11 CrossFit Workout of the Day

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Mobility: We tackle a few skills today, but our mobility will focus on developing grip strength and bar endurance when it comes to toes to bar. The 30-day hanging challenge by Ido Portal will help you build up the strength required to hold your weight on the bar because let’s face it, if you can’t hold yourself on the bar, you shouldn’t be attempting toes to bar.

Warm up
2 rounds:
10 PVC pass thrus
10 supermans
10 PVC v-ups
:20 hang from pull up bar
:30 plank

15 minute EMOM:
Minute 1 – 5 heavy push press (from rack)
Minute 2 – 5-10 strict toes to bar
Minute 3 – :30-:40 ring support hold or plank on rings

4x500m row
1:1 work:rest


4x400m run
1:1 work:rest