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Tuesday, October 1st Crossfit Workout of the Day

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A long one, but a great watch from Mind Pump Media on mobilizing and preparing the body for deadlifts.

Warm Up

8 minutes handstand work (wall walks, holds, walks, freestanding)


5 sets
3 touch & go deadlifts (heavier than last week)
6-12 reps gymnastics push of your choice*

*Push up, handstand push up (most difficult variation possible), ring dip/dip (hardest variation possible)


4 rounds for time (rest :90 between rounds)

Complete 35(men)/25(women) reps each round

Max calorie row in :45
Then, perform thrusters (115/80) for remaining reps 

(for example, if a man rows 15 calories in :45, he would do 20 thrusters to complete the round)