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UES Athlete of the Month: Nancy

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Nancy has been with us since the very beginning and it’s been so great watching her get stronger, faster, and fitter! She’s always incredibly encouraging to those working out around her, especially the first-timers who may be struggling. Her positive attitude influences those around her, and her willingness to always try something new or use heavier weight in a workout is inspiring! – Coach Jenna

How/when did you get involved with EVF?
I went to my first class over 7 years ago when I heard EVF had opened. I needed a new exercise routine, and knew of Eric from Equinox. From the first class, I was hooked and keenly aware how I was not as fit as I thought!

Do you remember your first workout? How was it?
Prior to EVF, I concentrated on cardio—running and spinning. I was bored and not seeing results. The first EVF class was so hard and so different than my usual routine. From rowing to burpees to air squats to single leg dead lifts, I was completely exhausted from the workout. I was so surprised how everything was so challenging after years of working out!

What were your goals when you first started? How have they changed?
When I first started, I just wanted to keep up and learn these new movements. Slowly, I began to build upper body strength, learned rowing techniques, improved my form, and started to increase reps. Now I feel more confident in my abilities, but still scale for my level. When I feel myself plateau, I try to increase my weight, add an extra burpee, use a heavier medicine ball, and think about what to add next.

What do you enjoy most about EVF?
The best part of EVF is the community. EVF is more than a gym. It’s a commitment to challenging one’s self, finding support and encouragement from the coaches, and making friends with the person to the left and to the right of you during each work out. I love that there are no mirrors in the gym. Rather than catching my reflection, I see the energy of each athlete pushing themselves to finish. It is the most inclusive exercise community, and I appreciate being a part of it.

Favorite movement and workout?
Hmmmust admit, hard to pick a favorite because everything is so hard! I still feel my strongest with cardiorunning, jumping rope, and rowing long distances. However, I am finding wall balls easier to do, burpees easier to conquer, and even feeling stronger while doing devil presses.

What about your least favorite?
Manmakers are always very challenging. I also struggle on the ski erg – I can never complete the meters within the time allotted.

What motivates you?
Exercise is a critical part of my happiness and well-being. I feel stronger, energetic, and proud of myself from the training at EVF. I am now 51, and EVF helps me embrace aging and feeling positive about getting older. Also, my husband and twin daughters 100% support my training, and see how good I feel about myself from within. Also, the new definition in my arms is also quite motivating.

Do you have any advice for new members?
Be kind to yourself. Every athlete scales the workout in some way. Give yourself time to build and learn. Know that you’re in good company with everyone else. Before you know it, you will see signs of improvement and traction.

What do you hope to achieve in the coming year?

I dont have a specific goal but would like to build more upper body strength and improve my core. Today I did more hanging knee raises than I normally do, so I’m feeling encouraged!