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Wednesday 5/29/2013 WOD Bench-mark “DIANE”

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Warm up

2 sets of

250 meter r0w

Mobility Coaches Choice


Skill 15 mins

HSPU practice


Workout prep


3-4 sets to build up to weight used in workout



Bench- mark “DIANE”

For time


Dead-lifts (225/155lbs)



Scaling options

For DL’s  scale weight

Scale # of HSPU’s

Scale HSPU’s w pike push ups on the box


Dan Bailey sets world record for DIANE



Comments: 3

  1. 5:45
    10lbs away from rx! 145lbs / 2 ab mats.
    My goal for next time is rx weight and 1 ab mat, also trying to incorporate kipping hspu’s

    1. That is AWESOME Noelle!!! Killer job today. Way to set those goals, next time your gonna crush it even more! BOOM!

  2. 5:20
    Shooting to RX the dead lifts next time out.
    HSPU are a real work in progress. If I could get to 2 abmats that would be huge.

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