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Wednesday, Aug. 5 CrossFit Workout of the Day

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Help raise money for Dan Strader’s foundation, Run for Rob, with 5 minutes of burpees this weekend. Can’t make it? You can still donate!

At-home mobility | Focus: Internal rotation, flexion, posterior delt/tricep | Equipment: Rig, Voodoo band

Warm up
3 rounds not for time:
250m row
2 wall walks
:30 hollow hold

Strict Press
Performance: 2×5 across, 1 max set, less than or equal to 10
Fitness: 3×5 across

Weighted pull-ups: 3×7

3 minute AMRAP:
3 deadlifts (315/205)
3 lateral burpees over bar

Rest 3 minutes

3 minute AMRAP:
5 deadlifts
5 lateral burpees over bar

Rest 3 minutes

3 minute AMRAP:
Lateral burpees over bar

Why the 1:1 work:rest ratio? When we engage in physical activity, we have three systems that come into play. Phosphagen and glycolitic, both of which are anaerobic, and oxidative, or aerobic. For these 3 minute intervals, provided you are working at the proper intensity, your body will draw roughly 40% of its energy from the anaerobic systems. Working in this time domain will cause your body to produce a considerable amount of lactic acid, which — as we know — causes muscle fatigue and loss of power and coordination.

Ideally, in an efficient system (aka “fitness”), while you are resting your body uses the lactic acid for energy in the recovery process or turns it back into glycogen, or in simpler terms, muscle fuel to power you through the next interval. The more of this type of training you have in your program, the more efficient your body will become at recovering and flushing lactic acid, and you’ll notice a decreased fall-off of energy throughout interval workouts.

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