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Wednesday, June 28 CrossFit Workout of the Day

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Required reading: Creatine supplementation: A woman’s perspective from Elitefts (Lots of good info for guys here, too!)

Overall, the benefits and purpose of supplementing with creatine for training enhancement are inarguable. Therefore, removing it from ‘for women’ products because of mal-dosing side effects mentioned above is a scapegoat at this point. In reality, an effective ingredient is simply being removed to cut down production costs of the product.

Mobility: Lower back pain is often caused by sitting too much or over compensating for weaker muscles. Here are some tips to relieve pain some of that pain.

Warm up
2 rounds:
10 shoulder Y’s
10 ring rows
10 alternating groiners

2 rounds w/ empty bar:
3 clean pulls
3 muscle cleans
3 hang power cleans w/ pause in catch
3 power cleans

For time:
100 push ups
80 power cleans (115/75)
60 toes to bar

Partition reps however you choose.