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Wednesday, Nov. 15 CrossFit Workout of the Day

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Mobility: Kipping is a fun way to get through a workout without having to slow down and go strict, but unless you’ have the mobility and strength to kip, you shouldn’t be doing them. Here’s why.

Warm up
3 rounds:
10 supermans
:30 hollow hold
:10 active hang + 5 scap pull ups
5 ring rows @ 1131

Kipping pull-up progression

3 5-minute rounds for max reps:
0:00-2:00, row 400m
2:00-3:00, dumbbell push jerks (40/25)
3:00-4:00, pull ups
4:00-5:00, hang squat cleans (115/75)

Rest 3 minutes between rounds