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Workout of the day – Friday August 6th

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Warm up

Coach’s choice

Strength benchmark

10 min EMOM:

1 clean and jerk

Increase weight throughout and use it as a warm up for the test. Aim to finish the EMOM at around 80% of your target weight for the day.

Then take 15min to find a new 1RM clean & jerk


8 min AMRAP:

8 bar facing burpees

4 Hang clusters 95/65 lbs


Part A

10 rounds for time:

10 American KBS

8 double dumbbell Push presses

6 pullups or banded pullups

Part B

10 min AMRAP

10 KB goblet cossack squats (5/side)

50 ft. broad jumps

10 HSPUs or 10 pike pushups