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Workout of the day – Friday December 23rd

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Warm up

3 rounds:

5/side thoracic rotations in squat

5 PVC passthroughs

5 overhead squats (empty BB)

5 back squat jump (empty BB)

Snatch technique

8 min EMOM:

1 snatch high pull + 1 hang high pull (above knee) + 1 hang snatch (above knee)

Note: build up on weight so long as you succeed in all the lifts


Every 90 sec for 8 rounds, alternating between:

Ring muscle up practice:

a) Ring muscle up kip and hip drive

b) Ring muscle up transitions from under ring to support in dip (same as 12/9 – week 2 of the cycle)

c) Ring muscle up

15 barbell ab rollouts

Ring muscle up kip and hip drive:

Gymnastics conditioning

For time: 10-9-8-…-2-1 reps of:

Handstand pushups

Double DB front squats 50/35 lbs

Time cap: 11 min

Note: Scale the handstand pushups so that you can complete each set UB. Scaling can be the movement (pike pushups, or pushups) or capping the volume to 5 HSPUs, and completing only5 5 reps in each of the first 5 rounds.


Part A

12 min alternating EMOM:

8-10 ring pushups (Rx+: elevated feet ring pushups)

15 barbell ab rollouts

Part B

18 min alternating EMOM:

10 handstand pushups

12/10 cal row

10 double DB squats 50/35 lbs

12/10 cal ski

10 ring dips or box dips

60 double unders